10 Best Branding Tips for Your Small Business


Small Businesses are different compared to large business. They work on limited resources and a restricted budget. But still, they have to compete in the same market for the same customer base with these big companies. While big companies put efforts to gain a monopoly over the market, these small businesses try to strive and thrive in this ocean of business.

Branding and marketing are essentials for both small and large business. Branding or re-branding has saved many sinking businesses before. It sets the direction to companies recognition among customers. Try to remember what was the first thing that caught your eye and forced you to be their loyal customer. That is what turns customers into loyal customers, called the power of branding.

Branding is what sets you apart from your competitors. There are so many computer selling brands in the market but there is a reason why people bend towards Apple. It is because Apple branded itself as a brand that sells the best products with creative designs.

Here are 10 simple branding tips for your small business.

What’s your story?

Every successful brand has a story to share with their customers. What do their products mean to them? What do their customers mean to them? This is where they create an emotional connection with their audience base. So first try to find what your story is all about. What do your products and company mean to you? How you think your products can create a better tomorrow for your audience. What are you offering more that makes you different and desirable? Answer these questions both to yourself and your audience.

Find your voice, the voice is equally as important as the message. Sometimes your intended message may not reach your audience as you expect. So, always be careful about both what you’re saying and how you’re saying. Develop a unique voice, the voice here may mean both your brand’s language or personality with which you interact with customers in-person, social media platforms or over the phone.

Advertisements/ Campaigns

Advertisements or Campaigns lend a huge hand in brand recognition. It is known that small business run on limited funds, but don’t cut out your budget on advertisements or campaigns. They increase your brand popularity and form a type of connection with your audience. Make sure that your advertisements are unique and intriguing that your audience remember it for a long time.

There so many small brands whose sales skyrocketed with an amazing campaign or advertisements. Also, there are few big companies that failed to promote their products with mishaps in campaigns. So always remember that with advertisements you can reach and test new audience base and convert your existing customers into loyal customers. Stay true to your beliefs and products and try to project them in your advertisements.

Logo and a catchy tagline

When you see a half eaten apple logo your mind automatically understands that its Apple. Steve jobs must have never thought that his half-eaten apple would reach these heights. Apple’s logo is quirky, different, unique so it caught people’s attention and stayed in their minds for a long time. So when you’re designing a logo, let your imaginations ride. Think out of the box, be unconventional and explore. Keep in mind that logo is what you’re customers recognise your brand by, so keep it simple but eye-catchy so they recognise it anywhere. Colour scheme of your logo should not be eye-paining it should be eye-pleasing. Takes all these factors into account while designing your logo.

Same goes with catchy taglines, “Finger licking good” you immediately know its KFC. Taglines are here to stay, so make sure your brand’s tagline catchy and easy to remember. That way you stay in the daily lives of your customers and you’re remembered consciously or unconsciously. A good company name, a creative logo and a catchy tagline definitely create all the amount of buzz you need to promote your product.

Custom Vinyl Stickers

Custom Vinyl Stickers add fun to your branding strategy. They are cool, edgy and absolutely creative. It’s like your customers can always carry a piece of your company with them. If your brand wants to attract young customer base these are definitely helpful. They build your brand and also increases engagement with your audiences.

Irrespective of age people love stickers, so use this factor and make stickers for all ages that can be stick on their phones, cars and laptops. Custom stickers come in different sizes and shapes. You can create your own design or upload a picture and turn it into a sticker. They are very different from traditional designs and are also known as die-cut stickers. They improve your brand image and make your brand cool and in-trend.

Amazing products & excellent service

What is the point of all this branding and marketing if your products don’t have quality. So always remember that no branding can save your company if you are compromising on your product quality. Let your quality speak, always improve and innovate your products. Make products that satisfy your customer needs. Make sure that your customers are never disappointed with your brand. Not only your products but also make sure you provide excellent or best-in-the industry services. Sometimes customers come back to your brand just because they like your services. If you satisfy your customers then they keep coming for more and support your brand and promote it on behalf of you.

Interact with your customers

Your brand, products everything that you create is to satisfy your customers. So always keep your customers first, interact with them ask them questions on your brand like how they think you can improve your products, What do they feel is lacking in your products and talk to them about their concerns over your brand.

You can’t ask each and every person all these questions. Create a survey or questionnaire and send it to all your customers and ask them to answer it. Don’t forget that your satisfied customers also act as advertising and marketing to your company. As their mouth publicity can also draw new customers. Take all their opinions, suggestions and try to improve your brand.

Social media presence

Everybody is active on social media platforms, these platforms are amazing that can help you in finding and staying in touch with your pals. When coming to business, social media has made it easy to promote your products and interact with your customers. You can now communicate with your customers and address their grievances fastly.

With social media, you can even notify them about your new products and conduct surveys. Maintaining a sturdy social media presence can also increase your brand recognition and awareness among audiences. You can even keep your customers entertained by posting tips or anything related to your brand’s niche.

Free Goodies & merchandise

You can offer your customers free goodies bearing your companies logo. For new years you can send all your customers and potential customers calenders and diaries with your logo. They can use these goodies and it makes easy for your brand to stay in your audience sight. Pens with your company name, customised t-shirts, keychains and notebooks all these goods promote your brand in one way or the other. Offer them goodies or merchandise that is multi-purpose. Remember all their special days and send them cards like their birthday or anniversary. This lets them know that you always remember and that definitely will make them feel special.


Always stay consistent with your message, be it your social media posts or website. Remember you can’t always satisfy everybody so concentrate on your targeted audience. Some small business stays cool and funny on their social media platforms, but they maintain serious tone on their website. This may confuse your customers and that never does any good to your business. Maintaining consistency applies to your company’s name, logo, designs also. Because your customers form an emotional connection with your logo and design, when you suddenly change them they might feel alienated from your brand.

Innovate yourself & stay in trend

No brand is immune to changing trends. It’s up to you, how you will be keeping up with new trends in the market. Be innovative and always improve your products. There are many big brands that have seen doom as they didn’t re-invent themselves and stayed the same. So always be open to the idea of changes and constantly work to improve and reinvent yourselves for your ideal customers.

Branding and marketing can act as fuel to drive your business to success, so consider these tips and develop your brand strategy to conquer the market and satisfy your customers.