10 reasons why IT Startup should outsource software development


Running a startup is daunting, you need to hire dedicated and goal-driven experienced people to work with. However, building your own in-house team of software developers, training, managing & maintaining them is a risky and time-consuming process. Also, it doesn’t work out well when you’ve got a short-term project. For these key reasons, there comes ‘outsourcing‘.

Outsourcing software development is a smart alternative for small and large companies for various reasons. Also, it’s a great choice for a company to deliver digital transformation goals while conquering risk.

If you’re planning to hire a Software development service, probably you could have come across with several questions in your head.

  • Quality
  • Budget
  • Deadline of your project is at risk

While entrepreneurs are pretty wise to consider each scenario, there are various advantages of teaming up with an experienced software developer outside your company.

Software development outsourcing is the new normal. If your running a software company and your internal ‘IT team’ will have multiple things on their plates. 

If you’re looking for ‘one-word’ solution to your company challenges, then software outsourcing is the word.

Outsourcing software development will let you concentrate on expanding your company while minimizing your time and effort to market. With the outsourcing team, your product or service remains in trustworthy experienced hands. On the other hand, you get time to focus on growing your business. Also, it’s a significant approach to improving your company take off.

Following are 10 reasons why IT startup should outsource software development 


Hiring a software developer is expensive. Don’t you agree? Yes. Hiring a group of software developers to develop a product for your company involves various expenses during production, execution, testing, validation, etc. Sometimes developing and managing the requirement for a simple product can be cost-effective.

As outsourcing come into the picture, the circumstances have been changed dramatically. Now all you require to find the best custom software development company to build your product for yourself. Opt for top-most outsourcing and explain your project goals, missions to their software team clearly. Then assign them the roles and responsibilities of developing the software for you. Whether you’re running a small-scale organization or large-size business, you can use outstanding advantages that come along with software development outsourcing, especially in terms of costs. 

Talented IT Professionals

Even if you’ve invested in your extremely talented software developers, developing and managing multiple projects at the same time is not ideal. This may result in poor performance, product delay and confusion among the team in the workspace. If you choose to outsource software development for your new projects. As a result, you can speed up the time to market and gain an extensive competitive advantage.

The team will make sure your projects are done optimally and professionally. Outsource software developer from a professional company. 

All you require 

  • A company who will lead your product towards success
  • Understand your requirements and needs
  • Pay more attention while developing and handling the product
  • Deliver the product on time
  • Effectively manages

The ultimate reason for outsourcing software development is to finish your project in a short period than doing it in-house.

Work with a managed team

If you’re running an IT company, apart from in-house employees, you also require managers to handle your project activities. Good news is, the outsourcing team will accomplish most of the tasks for you.

There is no other choice, you still require in-house product management to explain the product in detail. While considering everyday tasks, outsourced software development teams have their personal managers. Therefore, choosing a trustworthy outsources is highly important.

Effective communication is important for any project to get succeed. And outsourcing software development provides you with a great opportunity to outsource professional who has an in-depth knowledge of ‘what and how to implement the product’ effectively.

How can you track the project progress when you’re unaware of regular updates? Impossible right. Amazing vendors will track day-to-day activities and update on the project’s development and budget. Hence, you can concentrate on other important aspects of your business.


Outsourcing provides great flexibility to every business as you can switch from one vendor to others if needed. Switching a vendor in case of poor performance, delivery is much comfortable than replacing a full-time employee in-house. Many outsourcing agencies deal to incorporate conditions for change in requirement or termination of agreement ensuring flexibility.

Flexibility is a major benefit of an outsourcing software developer. You can select a software developer specializing in a particular technology (Java, .Net, Python, DBA, testing). Also, you only pay for the time period they employ to complete a given task. Outsourcing can be a great choice when you have a small project or a large product with different modules.

Risk Mitigation

Software development outsourcing industries include experts in various technologies. Therefore the outsourced team working on your project can address and handle errors or issues at initial stages. Also, the team understand ‘how to implement an efficient workflow’ for better result within project deadlines. Hence, there will be no project delays on project submissions and the implementation goes seamlessly.

With IT outsourcing you can mitigate the overall risk of your organization. It implements an effective project management system and tried-and-true procedure for developing applications.

Large talent pool

Talent pools play a crucial role in the hiring process than before. A talent pool is a group of professional candidates who have manifested their interest in working for your business. Talent pool can be utilized for multiple purposes, and it’s becoming more popular among every industry. Building a large talent pool is an amazing approach to secure software developer for your project.

Focusing on large talent pool can obtain a potential software developer to choose from. Major benefits of large talent pools are

  • Reduced cost-per-hire
  • Reduced time-to-hire
  • Improved quality-of-hire

Reduce the time spent on hiring

Recruiting software developer for your company can be a nightmare. Your HR team spend major time on the hiring process. Because HR team need to perform various tasks, right from posting a job post ad on a website to handling calls. 

On the other hand

  • Getting an employee identification number
  • Verifying employee work experience
  • Contacting to interested candidates
  • Scheduling interview date and time
  • Conducting interview
  • Selecting the right person 
  • Reporting new hires

Saving time on the hiring process is a notable benefit when you choose software developer outsourcing. You got a new project and require a software developer to develop the product. What happens if that vacancy doesn’t get filled? It’s a horror story right. No more worries, outsourcing team will provide with skilled employees and make your project done within a given time. Now, your HR team can concentrate on the administrative activities of your business.

Lack of in-house experience

Every business spends a huge amount of money and time during an employee learning and development phase. Because it’s a blind assumption that offering training for employees will improve their overall performance. If you’re one among them, you’re on the wrong path. Poor performance can be major issues that worry team leaders and managers.

Is your business requires a professional software developer for large projects? Want to expand your business but unable to find quality people for your business? No worries. Top outsource software development companies will provide you with experienced developers you require to grow quickly.

Improved Compliance

Have you ever outsourced a software developer for your project? Yes, then you know the importance of hiring an outsource. You gain access to control national and international talents without any legal agreement. When you hire for an international professional for in-house, then you’ve to go through legal compliance.

Considering outsourcing, every legal agreement will be supervised by an outsourcing manager. The vendor will take care of all the legal paperwork, customs and agreements so you can concentrate on other important aspects.

Technological Advances

Digital technology has changed everyone’s lives in infinite ways. Right from watching a 3D movie to booking flight tickets at finger clicks. Everything is digitalized!!! One cannot imagine their lives without technology. Since technology is playing a vital role in everybody’s lives. Advancement in modern technology has been improved virtually every day. 

Technology is emerging every day. Keeping up with modern and upcoming technology can take your business to a topmost level. By outsourcing professional software development, you can gain access to various perspectives across the world. Also, you can connect with innovative experts with strong and various technical expertise.