10 Tips to Choose Best Mobile Phone Deals


Mobile phones changed the world for good. Just a decade ago the operations of mobile phones were limited. The inception of smartphones has changed the way people view the world. It’s almost like having the world at your fingertips. Earlier you could only call, text and a few mobile phones had the option of listening to music, that’s it. But just look at the things that a smartphone phone can do. You’ve got high-quality cameras, speakers, the ability to surf the internet, stream videos, download apps, listen to the radio, video conferencing and much more. It is like having a portable computer in your pocket. 

It is no wonder that everyone wants a smartphone with the latest technology. This is because every new mobile is more advanced and sophisticated compared to the previous ones in the market. There’s nothing wrong with this as everyone wants the best for themselves. But getting a mobile that satisfies all your needs and specifications is often tough. With so many options available in the market one can easily get confused.  Oftentimes people are unable to make up their minds on what type of mobile they want. You might buy a phone in a hurry and end up regretting your decision later. 

So here are a few tips that will help you when you are buying a mobile next time.

Know what you want from the mobile

The most important thing to do before buying a mobile phone is knowing your needs. One should have absolute clarity on what they want from their mobile. It all depends upon your lifestyle. What do you do? Where do you spend your time? What are your interests?. If you are a working individual then you want a phone that’s fast and up to date. The same goes if you are buying a mobile for others. You have to understand what they expect from their phone. If you are buying it for someone much younger then the priorities are different. The phone should have a high camera quality, gaming capabilities, etc. Similarly, if you are buying a mobile for someone much older than you should opt for a mobile with less and simple features.

Compare prices at different stores and online shopping platforms

The price is a major factor in buying any mobile phone. Everyone wants to get the best phone for prices they can afford. If you want zero credit phone deals then you have to search for them in the market. There’s nothing wrong with going from store to store to check out the deals that every store offers. This may benefit you as some stores may offer different prices than the others. Not just that but also search for your favourite mobiles on e-commerce sites. Usually, those sites offer mobile phones for cheaper rates compared to stores. But you have to wait for the mobile to get delivered to your home. You cannot have the mobile right away.

Bargaining works

Bargaining is an age-old practice that helped humans to get all the things at cheaper prices. Some may feel embarrassed to bargain at mobile as they feel it is inappropriate. There is nothing to be ashamed of doing it. It is completely fine to haggle a bit when you are buying a mobile. After all, mobile phones are quite expensive. The stores are often willing to offer you a different price if you bargain. Because at the end of the day even they want to sell a phone as they know it would be out of demand after a few months.

Sell your old phone to fund the new one

The best way to cut costs or have some extra money is to sell your old phone. Rather than throwing it in a box, you can actually sell your present phone to someone else. There is always someone who would be willing to buy a second-hand phone. It can be more useful for them than to you. You can sell your old mobile on eBay. But there are a few things you need to understand. Don’t expect your phone to get sold right and don’t put a heavy price tag. Understand that you are selling a used phone. So even if you get less than half the price for which you bought it its still a good deal.

See if the phone comes with a warranty

Having some type of warranty on the mobile is very important. Because you do not know what could happen to your phone after you buy it. The phone might have some hardware problem or software malfunction. In such cases, the warranty helps you get the problems solved or get a new phone in replacement. Some companies offer a new phone for half price even if you break your phone in half. Hence the warranty is important while buying a mobile phone.

Pick the smartphone with a platform that is easy for you to use

This is where it gets a little bit tricky. There are mainly two software platforms that people choose from. They are Android and IOS. Both have their own advantages. While iOS has limited options it is easy to use and provides great security. On the other hand, Android is more flexible with lots of features and benefits that IOS doesn’t provide. Some even say other platforms like blackberry are better than both.  It is up to you to choose the platform that you are comfortable with. Select a platform that makes it easy for you to use the mobile.

The processor is more important than the camera

If you are buying a mobile you may want to use it for a long time. So buy a phone that has a powerful processor. The camera and speakers may get damaged if you drop them. But having a great processor ensures all the other functions run smoothly. A processor is essential to handle the number of different processes that run simultaneously. If you want advanced augmented reality and gaming features then a normal processor is not for you.

Make sure it has a battery that lasts long

This is one thing that most people don’t pay attention to when they are about to buy a new mobile. Your mobile can have all the features in the world but what is the point if you don’t have sufficient battery to use them. You go out for a couple of hours and your phone battery dies. How would you contact someone then? That’s why choosing a phone that has a long-lasting battery is important. Do not buy a phone if it has a battery that lasts less than ten hours.

Do not have a fixed budget or mobile model 

While it is ok to be cautious about the money you spend but do not have a fixed amount in yours. If you go with the intention of spending a fixed amount on phone then it’s fine. But if you want your ideal mobile for the budget you set for yourself then it is a problem. There is a wide range of phones with different features available in the market. So it is not necessary that you buy a certain phone. You may find a phone that has better features than the one you want but the price can be a little high. It is better to spend some extra money if you think it will help you in the long run. In the same way, a phone may offer all the features except the camera which is available in the advanced version which costlier. Then it is best to choose the cheaper one.

Select a contract that is best for you

One can pay for their mobile phones in instalments. The mobile providers give a variety of contract options for their customers to choose from. Some contracts will need you to pay a large sum every month for a few months. The other types of contracts will require its customers to pay small amounts every over a long period. Sometimes these contracts may last for two years. While the customer may think they’re paying less but it is far more than original. Also even if you want to switch to a different mobile as you have to keep paying for it till the contract ends. So choose a phone contract that suits you


Each and everyone uses a mobile these days. Mobiles have become more useful than any other gadget in today’s world. So it is important to buy a mobile that satisfies all your needs. Different people have different specifications when it comes to their ideal mobile phone. Know what are the features that you want in your mobile phone. Search for the best deal in the market. Bargain to see if you can get it for a lower price. Don’t shy away from spending a couple of extra bucks for a better option. A phone contract should not keep you paying instalments for long periods.