12 Essential Motivational Kinds Inside The Employees


Motivation means to create an interest; it is divided into two kinds.
1. Intrinsic (from within)
2. Extrinsic (from outside)
Each and every individual has the desire to perform a specific task; it is called as self-motivation. It is an interesting concept if somebody wants anything they should try to gain that personally, sometimes they may lose, but they should not discourage themselves. They should keep on trying to achieve until they reach their goal.
a. Intrinsic: This is a common kind of motivational approach every individual has. Coming to the work environment, there are a few abilities included in intrinsic (from within).
1. Acceptance: In an organization, an individual behavior must be accepted by his/her co-workers. It completely depends on the attitude of how the co-worker is responding and behaving with others. Everything is countable and acceptable in the case of employees working habits.
2. Curiosity: A few employees want to know eagerly what is happening, how is happening, what will be the results, etc., every organization must and should have this kind of behavior analysis.

3. Honor: Every employee has to follow the company protocols, rules, and ethics. For example, don’t share the employee’s information or company’s information with outside people.
4. Independence: For this, another word is uniqueness, in an organization no one is equal. Every employee has different kinds of mentalities. Everybody has a unique value and respect.
5. Organised: Organizing refers to arranging the activities in a systematic manner. Employees must be trained as per the organized manner, in the beginning, companies conduct an induction session, in that the administration head has to tell about the rules and regulations of the company.
6. Power: Managers or team leaders may be influencing their team. Employees get influenced by their co-employee during the hike and appraisal time.
7. Social values: Employees feel to set a status in the organization, and they want promotions, hikes, special allowances, etc., end of the day the status is important. They are in a junior position or in a senior position they want to be in some designation.
8. Social contacts: Nowadays social media plays a vital role in everywhere. For example, professionally LinkedIn is a top social contact, on Facebook has many professional groups. In these way employees getting more references and contacts for their next job.

b. Extrinsic: The meaning is clear, motivation comes from the outside. In an organization, top management wants to perform a task, which is controlled by an outside source. For extrinsic motivation, the most well-known and priority thing is money.
9. Employee’s awards: In a company awards and rewards are the best way of the motivational process. If a company announced that who will be complete a task within the given time they will get one month salary as a bonus, then employees motivate themselves to put their efforts to finish the given task within the time to get announce the award.


10. Benefits and packages: This is a good and useful thought, many companies are offering tickets, vouchers, cards, etc., for the employees. If an employee works in extra hours or he/she will give beyond the expected productivity, companies are offering benefits and packages. These benefits and packages are useful for the employees as well as their families.
11. Bonuses: For festivals, few important days companies are giving bonuses to their employees. This is one kind of motivation for the employees to work a long time with the organization.


12. Organized activities: An employee should follow the organization activities like group chats, work sharing etc. The employee will get the motivation. Yearly once or twice the company will take the employees outside for relaxation. A part of this all the employee activities should be monitor by the employer from time to time.
Conclusion: Motivating employee is the major task of the employer. Employee motivation is various kinds, and it depends on the number of employees are working in the organization. The company will implement the motivation policies based on the nature of work.