3 Important Things to Look For When You Choose Email Marketing Software

email marketing

Everyone uses email. Therefore, we can say that email is one of the best ways to connect with many people.

From a business perspective, email gives you more chance to use a different strategy for promoting the product, service, or even to strengthen up the business brand on the market. Then, the email marketing was born from this need.

With wider reach than the conventional media, plus lower budget, email marketing become a popular method for promotion as well as get more customer.

However, sending an email just like that won’t give you any effect like what you expected. Like other activity on the internet, you need a good system to optimize the email marketing campaign. For that reason, you will need software specially made for email marketing.

Nowadays, you can find a lot of software for email marketing purpose. For better result, it’s important to find and choose the right one.

Below, we will help you to know what you should look for on software for email marketing your content.

Once you use these tips, you will also find the right software which will give you nothing but huge benefits. So, here we go!

The Price

Today, you can easily find free software for email marketing. Of course, most of you will choose this free email marketing software. You don’t need to spend any money, and it can work like what you want. However, do you know that email marketing holds an important role in your business success in today’s business competition?

A business with a good email marketing strategy will most likely produce a good result as well. Therefore, using good-quality software for this purpose is a must. Free software is good. However, the paid software offers more features and quality than the free version. And these features are important in order to increase the effectiveness of your promotion.

For example, free software won’t offer the tracking software and it has a limited number of subscribers. The paid software won’t have any limitation like that.

Therefore, you won’t only get a tool for promoting your business. But, the software also can become the tool to acquire the sales data. You can evaluate your business using that data as a reference. Then, create a better strategy from the evaluation result.

The Features

As we mentioned above, good quality software must have complete features. And, here we will give you a list of useful feature that you must find on the software for email marketing.

  • Personalization feature – with this feature, you can modify the email that you send to your customer. With better design, your customer will be interested to open it. Thus, the probability your customer read your message will be much higher. And, it will succeed in your promotion campaign.
  • Measuring feature – you can monitor your email effectiveness. Are there many customers open it? How well it is received? The data will be very useful for your business development. You also can find out the product that success on the market with it.
  • Scalability – your software has the ability to send 1,000 emails whenever you do the promotion. However, have you ever imagined how many subscribers that you will get a few years later? It is definitely increasing. Therefore, you also need software that can adapt to that condition.
  • HTML Newsletter – a simple email will have too many limitations. Even though it has Personalization features, still you need more. Therefore, you need to find software that has an HTML Newsletter feature. With it, you will have more freedom to create any promotion content through the email.
  • Updates – make sure that the software provider also launches updates regularly. That way your software will work at its best performance every time you need it. And, whenever it has an error, you can fix it as soon as possible.
  • Support – this is one of the most important features you must get. With good support from the provider, you will be able to get help whenever you have a problem with the software. It’s not the only problem. If you want to ask more about the other product that works well with the software, this feature also can help you.

The Server

There are two types of software for email marketing based on the server. The first type is the standalone server. For this software, you just need to install it on your computer. Then, you can use it for email marketing.

The other type is using the separate server to operate your software. Usually, the software maker will provide the server for this type.

Both of them have advantages and disadvantages. The main benefits of the standalone server are the data privacy and safety. The data is much safer because you use your own computer.

Therefore, all data will be saved in the place that can only be accessed by you.

However, the standalone server ability and performance is usually much lower than the separate server.

This server uses the computer or server that you also use for other purposes. It’s not a special server for email marketing purpose. This is the reason for the limitation of this server type.

On the other hand, the separate server has better performance.

It can hold more data, plus it has more features you can use. Unfortunately, the data isn’t as safe as the standalone server. There is a chance that other people can see it. Of course, you can deal with this problem by using a dedicated server. But, you will need to pay more for this server.


Using software for email marketing purpose will give you more benefits. It can increase your business effectiveness multiple times.

The software will change how your business runs into much better condition. Moreover, you also can easily find many software providers these days, such as Reviano.

What you need is choosing the trusted providers and use tips above to get the software that you need. Combine it with a good business strategy and you will get a better result in the end.