3 Secrets to Successful Brand Marketing


“Marketing is all about creativity, humanity and authenticity.”

Jay Baer

This might seem like a new concept to you but it is very important for a brand to make a human connection. Despite the increasing use of technological marketing tools by businesses and marketing agencies, what makes a great brand is a personal communication. In “Principle of Marketing 101”, we learn that advertising is a one-way communication that aims at spreading awareness. However, not only is advertising today creating a greater impact but is also garnering effective response.

Let’s set aside the channel you are opting for a minute. Now, your main focus should be on how to engage with the audience using a relevant message, genuine conversation and personal interactions. Next to quality is feedback that is most appreciated by consumers. Promise of value will make loyal customers and that is what brands should be aiming for.

Of course, branding agencies such as brandmatters.com.au can help you achieve top of mind but after that, you need to use a few of your tactics, to keep the brand at the top.

Following are three secrets to successful brand marketing:

1.    Leverage the Testimonial Trend

The testimonial economy is all too real and has the power to make or break a brand. It has now become a habit of people to go online and check what people are saying about people, products and service. It eventually becomes the stepping stone for building trust in the minds and hearts of potential customers. People are influenced by comments and through that, they make an informed buying decision.

How is this possible?

It’s possible with help from brand ambassadors, who are ready to spread a good name for your brand! PR also plays a huge role in this, which also comes under marketing. So, instead of throwing all your resources and budget at the branding and marketing campaign, look at the small details, as well as recruit a brand ambassador for your brand.

2.    The Emotional Appeal

You might have heard this numerous times: in order for an advertising campaign to create brand awareness and generate sales, the right message should be delivered at the right time. While this is true, you are forgetting one important element: the emotional appeal. In today’s age, it has become crucial to build a connection between the customer and the product with an emotion. Learn the struggles and key desires of your target customer and then create a brand persona, which can make them feel good and happy.

3.    Focus On a Specific Niche

So, your brand sells multiple products. That’s all right. The problem lies in the message you are sending out to the audience. For example, you have an image consultant agency, which operates on the message that you provide services for men and women. A better way to get your message out there would be to say that you specialise in image consultancy for women who are over 40 and young moms who are entering the workforce for the first time. The special message targeted towards your customers make your niche memorable.

Remember: the right time, the right message and the right medium are no longer the only factors that make your brand successful. Dig deeper and find out what makes your target audience tick, so that you can satisfy their needs and wants.