3 Ways to Avoid Contact Center Catastrophes


Contact center problems were difficult to avoid before technology came along and entirely changed the way they operate. Now, contact centers are more innovative than ever and can avoid previous pitfalls. Here are a few ways that contact centers can avoid issues in their operations nowadays:

Predictive dialers can improve efficiency

Predictive dialers are a huge part of modern contact centers. With this technology, you can automatically call numbers and connect them with agents. It lets contact centers screen for factors such as busy signals, voice-mails, disconnected numbers, and no answers.

A predictive dialer provides a solution to the redundancy and time consuming task of dialing phone numbers. Predictive dialers give agents time to focus on speaking with potential customers and perfecting their strategy. This means they have more room for career growth and precision, and this technology offers a lot of room to perfect contact center sales and scalability.

Prior issues with contact centers often involved the mundanity of dialing numbers that were disconnected. This lead to agent frustration and a waste of time. Predictive dialers ultimately help you retain employees who are happy with their position due to helpful technology.

Using cloud solutions

Cloud technologies will lead contact centers to lower operational costs, lower IT costs, and more time in general. Cloud contact center solutions are used by companies like Bright Pattern for omnichannel contact center platforms. This platform allows for innovation through handling aspects like digital interactions with customers. Through the cloud and predictive dialers, contact centers will have more flexibility and time to focus on other areas of their business model.

Cloud technology also allows agents to access it from anywhere in the world. Cloud systems provide contact centers with the ability to help clients maximize their communication and management tools from just about anywhere (provided they have internet). Ultimately, it offers companies a way to make the customer experience more seamless and productive than ever.

Previously, catastrophe could ensue with poor connections and less information about customers. Old technology lead to high turnover because of the frustrated agents who couldn’t manage customers properly due to overlapping calls and complications. Now, both sides of the contact center interaction can be pleased with their experience.

Invest in the right employees

Closely examining the team of contact center agents you work with is also essential to running a optimal contact center. You need to know who’s worth keeping and which roles are worth outsourcing. Having a team full of people who are good with people will keep the energy positive and the transactions going well. Your team has to be as forward-thinking as the contact centers and the bar needs to be high.

When looking to find a good team, look at people with backgrounds in startups, as well as customer service. These agents will be facing the public while conducting calls, so you need employees who are used to putting on a smile and making the most out of every conversation. With the innovation at hand, there is more room for better employee standards at contact centers. Some backgrounds to look for are ones in sales, and other contact centers.

You will avoid turnover if you have a process for hiring the right employees and maintaining the technological momentum that is needed in this day and age. If you are looking to hire a contact center for a project or are running a contact center, these are the ways you avoid catastrophe.