4 Things To Consider When Looking For A New Encryption Provider


Tools like email and chat have revolutionized the speed and frequency with which we communicate, but they have also come with significant liabilities: perhaps never before in history has it been easier for third parties to intercept and read messages that were meant to be private. For firms and individuals that want to guarantee the highest standards of security and privacy, encryption is one of the most popular tools on the market for ensuring that confidential communications stay confidential.

But encryption is a highly technical field, and the sheer number of encryption options available can make it difficult for interested shoppers to choose between competing encryption software providers. If you are looking for a new encryption provider and want to ensure that you are getting the best software available, here are four things you should look for:

  1. Security

Encryption technology guarantees completely confidential end-to-end communications, so it isn’t surprising that security is the number one thing to look for in new encryption software. For years, PGP encryption has been the industry standard, and while PGP offers some of the most stringent protection available, the most advanced new encryption options, like ChatMailSecure’s CAMP protocol, combine PGP with other forms of encryption such as Elliptical Curve.

Chatmail’s CAMP protocol is particularly secure because it also allows users a great deal of control over how frequently their messages will auto-delete. With enhanced minimum expiration options, users can make sure sensitive messages are only stored on their ChatMail device.

  1. Usability

For years, one of the most common complaints about encryption software was that it was more cumbersome and less intuitive than unprotected electronic communications options like email and SMS. The past couple of years have seen some major improvements in the sophistication and usability of encryption software. It is now possible to send encrypted chat messages, photographs, and even voice messages.

  1. Flexibility

If you want to find the best encrypted messaging app chances are you are going to be looking for software that will allow you to talk to thewidest possible pool of clients, colleagues, and contacts. Older encryption tools may limit the number of people you can talk to based on whether or not they are operating with the same software, but the best new options come with integrated interfaces.

  1. Convenience

Getting the most out of encryption software means being able to easily access and regenerate electronic keys, and set your own parameters around how frequently messages auto-delete. When considering encryption software providers, remember to ask how many of these processes users will be able to manage by themselves, and how easy it will be for them to do so.

As public awareness about the dangers of online surveillance and cyber crime grows, more and more individuals and businesses are turning to encryption as a way of guaranteeing the confidentiality of their most private communications. But not all encryption software is created equal, and when it comes to finding software that meets your needs, it is important not to compromise. Don’t settle for slow, outdated encryption look for software that offers the best in security, usability, flexibility, and convenience, and get excellent protection that won’t come at the cost of functionality.