4 Ways On How to Capture and Keep Your Target Audience


Writing one great content will get many readers on your blog or website. However, it is what you do after that that will determine whether they stay on your blog for the next few month or not. Loyal readers and visitors are hard to come by. There are hundreds of thousands of blogs and websites that offer what you offer. For example, if you are blogging about money saving tips, then you need to stand out from the many other blogs offering the same in order to attract more readers.This is where quality SEO comes in. You can choose to hire a SEO agency to work on driving organic traffic to your site. However, there are ways which you can apply to make sure that you not only capture but keep your target audience.

  • Learn about your target audience

Take time to carry out customers’ survey online. What do your customers like, how often and when do they comment on social media, what do they like to read, on which platform do they hang out the most? These are the measures that every genuine digital marketing agencywill take before deciding on a marketing strategy. Tools like Twiends allow you to connect with people that have similar interests as you or your business and gain free Twitter followers this way. This gives you a hyper relevant audience that is sure to be interested in what you have to say.

  • Engageand make it consistent

You will need to engage; whether on social media or blogs. Find out what your readers think about your latest blog and ask them to leave comments. For some of the marketers they may fail to reply to their followers on social media, or readers, who leave blog comments. This is one recipe to drive away traffic. Develop a good rapportwith your audience by giving feedback on every complainor complement they leave. With time, you will grow a tribe that only subscribes to what you have to post or upload on all your platforms. That is where trust builds.

  • Smart social media interaction always works

It is no longer about being on social media but making that presence felt by your followers. You have to be smart all the way, in terms of what, when and how you post content. It has to be relevant, interesting and helpful, all in one. Use multiple social media platforms to cover all the basis. For example, have an Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter account. Your Twitter followers may like one thing which is different from your Facebook and Instagram followers. In short, manage their wants and likes in a unique manner which will have them going for the next months to come. Give a digital marketing agency a chance to carry out a SEO search audit on your site to iron out some issues that need attention.

  • Give mobile a chance

The digital population is growing by huge numbers, every day. It is projected that by 2021, social media users will increase to over 3 billion. However, it is the amount of time those users spend on social media which is worth noting. Many social media users are spending hours daily on social media. Thanks to the mobile technology, you can take advantage of this behavior. Once you decide to go mobile, for both of your online business and digital marketing strategy, you will be able to continually engage your target market.