5 Best SEO Trends That Will Influence Digital Marketing


In today’s businesses, the importance of digital marketing has risen high. So the role and responsibility of SEO have been increased. SEO is meant for attracting the people to any website, guest articles, blog post and other related to content. If it is not performed under the Google rules, the traffic is not observed. Eventually, if the content is found irrelevant and is not approved by Google, then there is a chance of penalization.
Many successful marketers implement the latest algorithms and best practices in order to make their content visible for the customers. There are so many variations and updations in recent days. Being updated can make an individual or any business stay best in the market.
Here are a few SEO trends that influence digital marketing:

1. Accelerated Mobile Page(AMP)

AMP is launched by Google in 2016 and is created to offer a better experience to every user. This is introduced on the consideration of the slow loading of websites due to increasing ratios of abandoned online users.

When a keyword is searched on Google using a mobile device, it will rank those sites who use AMP in the top result pages. If any website from the result page is chosen then that will load blazing, this is why it influences the SEO for the business and reduces the conversion and bounce rates.
The influence of AMP is basically fixed by three elements:
AMP JS- It is used for fast loading of external resources.
AMP HTML- With a new set of custom AMP commands
AMP CDN- Saving while faster Content Delivery.

2. Voice search

Voice search came up by Google in 2002, the search commands are adopted more by the smartphone users who look up for the products and information online. Voice searching allows users to search in 5 different languages.

It is influenced with fun, personal assistance, and entertainment, so the information is struck up with the voice search. This option is now supposed to convert local search which included videos, images, CSS files, etc. because of its effortless and saving options.
To overcome the influence of voice search:
Try to optimize the load speed and reduce the use of flash.
Include question format or conversation speech, FAQ related content in social media, blogs, websites
Include high-quality images and videos.

3. Structured Snippets

Google’s priority is to deliver the data to the queries or searches as soon as possible through search rankings. But now, Google is delivering a huge amount of information inside SERPs with Structured Snippets and Custom Widgets.
If there is a top ranking for huge search terms in the result page, it is easy to deliver the information to the user. In case if it is not there, the site is not hit on the top result page. As a result of the enhanced focus on structured snippets, SEO priorities will definitely be changed.

4. Content and Long-tail keywords

Never underestimate the value of content. It can always beat the trend. The first thing to impact SEO is content. So make sure the content is genuine. With the quality content, there arises a huge rise in ranking.

Develop content in a way that the reader shoulder definitely shares it with others on the social media. Usually, the good content itself attracts more audience without much interaction with other digital strategies.
It is difficult to imagine a website without content. With more quality content there will be the highest ranking.
Long-tail keywords
It is generally a word or phrase which contain three words and have to be less competitive and more specific than the usual keywords. In case of SEO ranking in Google, this approach can be effective in attracting customers and develop business.
But in some cases, it is influenced on SEO with a few limits. Google roughly shows up 60 characters on a SERP, but it doesn’t mean to totally lessen the keyword length.

This digital marketing influence can be driven out by knowing the unique selling point, by searching relevant keywords and phrases, using Google Adwords Planner.

5. Awareness Campaigns

These days many campaigns are run for generating awareness among the people. This can be used in blogging, social media, vlogging. Potential customers are collected by these methods to associate or publish products, services, and brands with a conveying message.

There are many ways to implement these strategies into the customer’s minds. For example, an event is to be held, so design and promote their key responsibilities in the type of posts, videos, tweets, etc. in social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, etc. If there is something unique, make sure to highlight them in the posts with interesting approaches. This usually enhances the audience interest and ease towards the event.


SEO is dynamic and there is a more noteworthy need to keep in contact with the changing patterns and receive development strategies that assist in boosting the visibility. There are numerous SEO factors that can be viewed as, in any case, one can’t bear to overlook the ones said above.
Furthermore, the way to a win is to continue learning and playing out the most encouraging SEO techniques.
The expectation that is useful! For an advertiser or an entrepreneur, or even an office for SEO, it is constantly used to research and adapting new SEO strategies.