5 Easy Steps to Develop an App Like Instagram


Instagram is a very popular platform, which is not only a useful tool for sharing your daily pictures but for marketing purposes as well. Wanting to develop a similar app is a great idea, considering all the success you can have as the developer.

So, do you want to know how you can create an app that operates like Instagram? Read to find out five easy steps to do it.

  1. Create the Technical Background

So, let’s say that you think about creating an app for a single OS, such as Android or iOS.

Such an app needs to have certain features. For instance, the authorization would be the first step. You need to develop the authorization page, where people create new accounts or sign in with already existing accounts on other social media. Then, there should be the option to edit their profile’s data. The third one should be the post creation, such as adding tags, uploading pictures, or mentioning other users.

Then, start creating the feed, which includes the subscribers, just like the Instagram followers feature, and commenting and liking. Social features would be the next step, which includes inviting friends from Facebook and sharing.

Image customization is one of the best tools for Instagram, and you should create one too. Once you’re done, continue with the geo location features, messaging feature, notifications, and search.

2.Think About the Costs

When you create an app, there are costs associated with it. So, let’s say that the rate is $50 per hour. If that’s the case, the price varies from $12,800 to $19,600 for an Android app, and from $12,800 to $22,400 for iOS.

Backend development will be approximately from $9,900 to $17,600.

3.Get Users

What is an app like Instagram without users? You need to measure your app’s performance somehow. So, if you have a number of active users, that’s the first indicator to look for. Social marketing can help you grow the audience.

Other ways to get new ones is by adding a feature to invite new users or try to create pages of your app in social networks to reach out to a target audience.

4.Engage Your Users

Just because you get a number of users, it doesn’t mean you’re already successful. Other factors such as daily login frequencies, time spent on the app or number of files they upload are important. This shows the users’ dedication and if they will continue using the app.

5. Monetize Your App

Of course that, after spending so much time and effort in creating this app, you want to make money.  So, you can do so through advertisements or sponsorship, in-app purchases, or by offering special deals to active users.


Developing a successful app such as Instagram can be a hard and time-consuming process, but if you do it the right way, it will be successful, and you could get money. Create the technical background, spend money, get users, keep them engaged and monetize the app. You will, over time, be able to achieve success.