5 Must-have Help Desk Software Features


When looking for help desk software, there’s a lot to consider. In this article, we’ll be telling you all about the 5 must have features that you shouldn’t compromise on!

  1. Self-service Options

Having a self-service portal is key if you want your help desk software to really make a difference. If it’s difficult for users to submit tickets or communicate with the IT team, then they won’t use it. This will then lead to issues with communications outside of the system, which can quickly negate the time saving features of the helpdesk.

A system that allows for communication is ideal, with user friendly design a necessity if you want your colleagues to use it regularly.

  1. Remote Access

It’s not always possible to deal with issues on site, so you’ll want to have remote access as a backup. This will allow you to diagnose the problem more effectively and resolve it right away. Any IT professional will tell you that it’s much easier to solve the problem when you can access the affected device remotely.

Setting this up on a system wide basis ensures that you’re able to work with any impacted device, consistency is key.

  1. Password Reset

If you don’t want to spend all of your time on these simple queries then you need the automation to make this simple. You can use help desk software like SySAid, which gives the user domain access to reset their own passwords. This is still secure and safe, as well as cutting down on time wasted.

This kind of process is a lifesaver for IT professionals, as they can focus on more pressing tasks. Using an easy authentication process allows for this to be kept secure.

  1. Ticket Management

Being able to easily prioritise and assign tickets makes for a much smoother process. Ticket based systems are common, but ones with the right flexibility and responsiveness can be hard to find. As an IT support worker, you want to be able to view simple ticket information that expedites the process.

You can also set up email ticketing, giving users the option to fill out a template and email to get their ticket addressed. Using rules to automate this management also has the potential to free up further time.

  1. Asset Management

Mapping and viewing all devices purchased by the company can also be helpful. During the procurement process or simply when reviewing IT needs, having this information to hand is essential. Rather than taking a manual audit of these devices, this can be conducted by the help desk software.

This will show the device attributes and functions in one place, which can give you more control over the IT of the company. Using this, you can reshuffle resources, instead of purchasing new ones.

Using an IT help desk software system can free up a lot of time for those that work in this field. It’s a great way to improve productivity and effectiveness across the board with ease.