5 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Still Relevant


When you mention digital marketing, many people assume you mean marketing your brand on social media. However, you may be surprised to learn that traditional forms of digital marketing such as email marketing have actually been found to be more effective and efficient than social media marketing for a number of reasons. Let’s take a look at just five reasons why you should consider using email marketing to boost your business.

People Trust Emails More than Social Media

Thanks to improvements in technology, accessing digital media is easier than it has ever been and this has resulted in a huge boost in the number of people using social media. According to statistics site Statista, in the United States alone, the number of social network users in 2018 was estimated to be 246.7 million, which is the equivalent of three-quarters of the country’s entire population. Despite this, and perhaps because of this, trust in social media marketing is declining, with the website also showing that over 75% of internet users in the US who responded to a survey saying they were skeptical regarding shopping recommendations and ads delivered via social media platforms.

One of the reasons thought to be behind this lack of trust in social media marketing has a lot to do with how well a campaign resonates with people on a personal level – an important factor which can govern how well people respond to your marketing campaign. Emails are direct and can be personalized to a far greater extent than a social media marketing campaign, which can feel more like click-bait than anything else. In addition to this, email has long been seen as a far more credible source of information than social media, giving you the upper hand if the creation of informative content is part of your marketing strategy.

Email Marketing is Cost-Effective

If you were to create a marketing campaign for use across multiple social media platforms – the only way to ensure you reach the highest number of people possible – you may be required to change your content’s format on a site-by-site basis, create new blurbs to account for the different formats and styles of the platform and otherwise spend valuable time making sure your campaign stands out on its respective platform. Thanks to emails being accessible over multiple platforms with little change in format, you can easily send out a campaign with few changes to a huge portion of your audience, saving you valuable time and thus money on your campaign.

Email Marketing Has a Higher ROI than Social Media Marketing

Research has shown that email marketing has an excellent conversion rate in terms of clickthrough ratios (the number of clicks your ad receives compared to the number of times your ad is shown) when compared to social media marketing. With Facebook, for example, you can expect a clickthrough rate of around 0.07%, whereas one in every five marketing emails get opened for an average of 3.57%. This also translates into higher ROI (Return on Investment) as the more clicks you get, the more likely you are to make a sale.

Reaching Large Audiences is Easy

When looking at the number of users who use email, it is estimated that around 251.8 million Americans sent an email at least once per month in 2018. Although this number is quite close to the estimated number of social media users, it must be noted that the figure for social media numbers includes a number of different platforms that are not easily accessible to all users. For example, if you create a marketing campaign on Facebook, you can only reach users on that platform, whereas you can send an email and have it be read and seen as intended from any email service, and it can be read by anyone with access to just a browser and their inbox.

Reaching this huge number of potential customers becomes even easier when you explore options such as a bulk email service that allows you to create mass email campaigns and then send them out to your list of contacts quickly and easily.

Results are Easy to Quantify

Finally, one of the best things about email marketing campaigns is that the results are easy to quantify as your entire campaign is based on a single platform. Unlike a social media campaign which you will run over a number of platforms, each with their own metrics, receiving and analyzing data from an email campaign is easy and can give you immediate results. Most email software gives you an easy to process look at your click rate and conversion rate so that you can easily tailor your next email to capture even more of your audience with your next campaign.

So, while it may be easy to think that because email marketing has been around for a long time, it may not be relevant, there are still a number of advantages to using this format to both reach new clients as well as build up your brand with existing ones.