5 Tech-Inspired Gift Ideas For The Nomad On Your List


For many people, travelling home for the holidays is as much a tradition as the tinsel on the tree, but for others, the travelling doesn’t stop once the tree’s ready for curbside pickup. They’re off jet-setting any time of the year, somehow juggling a job and a life back home while seeing the world.

While it may inspire envy as you book your annual flight for the holidays, see it for the silver lining it is. You can use their wanderlust as inspiration for what to get them this year. From organizational tools to fashionable accessories, this list brings together some gadgets perfect for the traveller in your life — even if that’s you!

  1. A portable powerstation

You know the drill: you’re down to your last 3 percent of battery out in public, and you can’t find an available outlet to plug into. Whether there are simply no visible outlets where you are, or they’re all being used by similar power-hungry people, getting a charge when you need it most can be a challenge.

When this happens in your neighborhood, it’s no big deal. You can head back home, where all the outlets have your name on them. But when you’re travelling, and you need to check in with your itinerary, home could be thousands of miles away.

A critically low battery could throw a serious wrench in their travel plans, so get them a wireless Mophie Charge Force Powerstation. It charges any wireless-enabled device quickly without any messy cords, giving them the gift of easy and stress-free chargin.

  1. A universal adapter

Power is important, so this next gift offers another way to re-charge — this time, when they’re back at their hotel or hostel room. It can also be tricky if you’re travelling beyond the borders of your home continent since someone decided to outfit each region of the world with unique outlets. In other words, the plug you usually use to charge your Note 9 won’t fit an outlet in England or Prague without a universal adapter.

The VLG Travel Adapter and Charger connects with a variety of devices, including any gadget that hooks up via USB cords. It has a convenient lever that allows your traveller to switch between US, UK, EU, and AU outlets, giving them the ability to power up in more than 150 countries across the world.

Weighing just 127 grams, there are no worries this adapter will put them over any weight restrictions, and its sturdy and sleek design make it an easy addition to their luggage,

  1. An IG-worthy camera lens

In a world dominated by Facebook statuses, Instagram stories, and 5-second Snapchats, sharing your travels with friends and followers is one of the most important parts of the trip. How else can you make people jealous about a mid-winter holiday in Thailand while everyone else is stuck under mountains of snow?

If the traveller on your list enjoys sharing their trip through pictures, make sure to leave a special camera lens under the tree. These portable accessories attach to any phone to give the photographer a chance to apply effects like fisheye and wide-angle to a shot in-situ without fear of ruining the quality. Usually a convenient clip-on, a lens is a practical alternative to a bulky and expensive professional camera.

Companies like VicTsing offer simple 3-in-1 packages to offer fisheye, wide-angle, and macro options. They’re made as universal clips to attach to any Android with ease, including the Galaxy S9 and Note 9.

  1. An eye-catching skin

Whether they’re climbing the Cordillera Blanca range or they’re sipping on a piña colada by the ocean, their faithful companion throughout all their travels is their tech. Phones, tablets, iPads, and more — they’re important travelling tools that contain maps, flight information, and reservation numbers. And, let’s not forget, they’re the key to taking envy-inducing selfies around the world.

All of this could be lost should they drop their phone or leave it behind. You can help them avoid such a catastrophe by wrapping up a Galaxy skin this holiday. These eye-catching decals make it hard to leave any device behind.

Companies like dbrand balance function with fashion, using the latest 3M vinyl materials to create an extra grippy accessory that looks amazing. Once you shop through the options online, you’ll want to tack on an order of the black matrix Galaxy Note skin for yourself. You can customize your Galaxy today in a variety of colors and textures, choosing a unique skin for your traveller and yourself.

  1. An organizer

The law of cords and travel states stringy cables have to tangle. Even on a short commute between home to work, your earbuds always manage to arrive at one destination in a tangle of knots. It’s a frustration that costs you precious minutes while you pick at the Gordian knot of headphones.

Now apply the same rules to a trip around the world, when the average traveller brings along their phone, tablets, and other gadgets — all of which comes with their own cords and outlet converters. A knot that size would take hours to undo.

Save your loved one the irritation by gifting a practical cord organizer from Fakeface. It offers considerable storage space set up with a variety of elastic bands, plus mesh and zipper pockets to help keep their cables, earbuds, memory cards, universal outlets, and other small devices tidy.

Go for something practical

When it comes to the traveller bound by weight restrictions, the usual fun gifts — often large and heavy — aren’t a good idea. Your nomadic loved one needs something that they can easily fit into their luggage before they hop on a plane, so stick to something small this year.

Just don’t underestimate the size of the items above. From a scratch-proof Galaxy skin to a knot-free organizer, these small yet mighty gifts will show your traveller just how much you love this year.