6 amazing ways Facebook can attract customers to your retail business


Isn’t it amazing how much social media has become instrumental in today’s society? Ranging from relationship building to digital marketing, social media has become fundamentally part of everyone’s life, particularly businesses.

To make that sale online, there is a lot that goes into play, including quality content, consistent and strategic sharing, among others. With Facebook among the most popular social platform, here are six ways it can help you attract customers to your retail business.

Adding photos and other media

It is undeniable that visualization has picked up the pace in the 21st century more the times before. Adding pictures to your campaign messages is the ultimate way to draw the attention of the busy crowd. The goal is to create images that are well-designed, but more importantly, reflective of your brand’s essence. In that case, you must ensure that a Facebook user viewing a picture you posted can link it back to you because your brand identity is visibly represented.

Determine to break down all your products into photos which can stand alone as individual posts. The best thing is that Facebook will show your images alongside your text-based posts, which is a win-win for you. Diversify your media by bringing in photography, pictures, infographics, posters, and even memes. Speaking of memes, that makes the next point.

Creating fun posts

The use of memes is a trend that has widely spread across social media platforms, trying to bring in as much fun to content as possible. To make your posts fun, you want to start including aspects like humor, open-ended questions, among others, all of which will help your audience be more receptive of your messages.

Change up the kind of content you post so that you also include some information that is not entirely centered on you making a sale. You can share quotes, posts from your audience, or even a trending issue that is relevant in your industry.

Further, ensure that your posts are depictive of your creativity as a brand, so you can stay away from the ordinary and professional routine of developing content. Your end goal here is to get your audience to be more involved with your brand, and personalizing your information in their lives.

Using Facebook analytics to time and target your posts

Great content may be paramount for a successful retail business, but posting them at the most appropriate time and to the right audience may mean the difference between significant success or failure.

Ideally, statistics show that Wednesdays are the most popular day to attract the most people, and particularly between 1:00 and 4:00 pm. If you send out your posts on these hours you are likely to receive very high click-through rates, and consequently, the conversions to the sales you are after. The smartest move is to use Facebook analytics to determine the prime time suitable for your type of products and your niche audience.

Clear call-to-action

Facebook is one of the few social media platforms that allow you to be specific about what you want to achieve and let your audience help you with that. Ideally, Facebook has standard buttons you can capitalize on, or better, customize you to help you clarify your call-to-action. For example, you can encourage your target audience to share on the Facebook button if your goal is to grow your audience reach. Remember, your call-to-action should be etched toward your primary goal as a brand, say, to make a sale.

Facebook ads

While a lot of the other ways have been free, you may need to pat to play, as a business. Facebook has ads feature that is very detailed to help a company achieve their goals. Instead of spreading yourself thin by trying to make your posts reach to an audience, you can capitalize on this feature to specify your niche.

You can narrow down on the audience you would wish to pass you campaign messages to, the location, and even, the amount you are willing to spend on the promotional ad. The best thing about ads is that they offer you a broader audience reach, allowing you to be on the timelines of users who have not liked your page or know about your brand.

Make it easy for people to contact you

First things first, if you have not yet filled in the information on the about section, you need to get on it right away. The more information people have about your brand, the better they can relate to it.

You need to source out for more avenues to share information that allows your audience to contact you, and better, visit you. Add a location with details on opening hours for your offices, phone numbers, email addresses, and any additional information you deem relevant. Consider linking your website there too to keep the traffic flow going to your site at the end of it all.

Overall, Facebook will be of as much value as the effort you put in. It is a combination of audience engagement, quality content and consistent efforts to increase the visibility of your brand.