6 Great Career Opportunities with a Master’s in Business Analytics


The job of a business analyst is considered one of the most sophisticated jobs in the world. And if you want to get your foot in this exciting career choice, a master’s in business analytics can help you get there. Many students are confused about their career opportunities after completing a master’s degree in business analytics, but since you are reading this article, that won’t happen to you.

We will tell you about the most popular career paths you can consider with a master’s degree in business analytics.

Data Architect

A data architect can work with both the public and private sectors. Data architects generally use various programming tools to secure and design data frameworks in an organization. The job of a data architect is highly technical as they need to ensure that the data is relevant, accessible, and accurate so the company can access the information. Alongside a master’s degree in business analytics, you need to have superior analytical skills and an eye for detail to become a data architect.

Data Analyst

Many sectors, including manufacturing, consulting, finance, education, pharmaceuticals, and government, require data analysts. With time the demand for data analysts is increasing. As data analysts are inquisitive in nature and they can manage numbers, every organization needs them. A business consists of figures, data, charts, etc. A data analyst can evaluate those data to provide clear insights into how to improve an organization’s business strategies and make better business decisions.

Chief Technology Officer

This is an executive-level position that is high on demand, so top companies look for someone with an expert level of knowledge to appoint them as chief technology officer. Chief technology officers must master the skills of strategic thinking, technological analysis, etc. With a master’s degree in business analytics, you can become the chief technology officer for any organization. If you are working in an organization, this degree can enhance your position and salary.

The role of a chief technology officer also requires leadership and organizational skills. And the course teaches you to harness both the skills to ensure efficiency across the organizations you are working with.

Project Manager

Whether it’s a construction business, engineering, IT, or marketing, every industry needs a product manager to plan, budget, and oversee the companies’ projects. With a master’s degree in business analytics and excellent leadership skills, you can work as a project manager in any company. A project manager generally relies upon data to accomplish their responsibilities.

Data Scientist

If you love to manage data and are willing to take up a course in business analytics, you have an opportunity to work as a data scientist. Data scientists use artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistical tools, and other algorithms to collect raw data from different sources and turn them into meaningful and transparent information to improve a company’s business process and strategy.

Machine Learning Engineer

Large tech companies, including Apple, Accenture, and Microsoft, look for specialists in machine learning engineering. Machine learning engineers work closely with the data science team to create algorithms for making decisions and to deliver data-driven services and products.

These are just a few of many career opportunities you can unveil with a masters degree in business analytics. These kinds of programs offer career-focused courses that teach innovation and versatility to enhance your career choices. Therefore, if you’re looking to master those skills in your professional life this is the perfect fit for you.