6 Important Things to Do Before Selling Your Mac


Apple always launched many amazing devices on regular basis. So, it’s not surprising, if you also want to always keep updated with their latest devices. If you plan to buy a new Apple device, now, you face another problem. What would you do with your old Apple device? Throwing away definitely is out of the question. So, the best way to deal with your old device is selling.

But, wait a minute! Do not sell your device just like that. You must remember that you use your device a lot. And, who knows, maybe you also use it for transaction or activity that uses your private information. If you don’t do anything about it, it could cause a problem. Someone might steal your identity and use it for an illegal purpose.

Therefore, we have a solution for you. Here are the steps you need to do, before selling your Apple devices. It doesn’t matter, whether mobile device or MacBook Pro, you need to do the steps below, to ensure your identity safety.

  1. Backup Your Important Files and Data

The first thing to do is creating a backup for your files and data. Now, you can choose one of any of these three methods to back up your data and files. Or, you can use them all, it’s up to you. The three backup methods you can use are:

  • Using the Time Machine app,
  • Use the iCloud app,
  • Save your data in your external hard drive.

Choose any method that you are familiar with. And make sure, you also know how to get your data and files back, when you need it.

  1. Sign Out from iTunes

People usually forget about this step, because it’s like their routine when they use Apple device. However, it’s important to do this step, so other people that will use your device, won’t be able to access your iTunes account.

It’s easy to do. You just need to open the iTunes app. Then, choose Account menu, Authorizations, and finally Deauthorize This Computer. When you use the Deauthorize option, you will need to use your Apple ID and password. So, enter it and click the Deauthorize button. And, it’s done.

  1. Sign Out from iCloud

Now, after you use your iCloud account to back up your data and files, you can’t let it keep signing up. So, you just need to sign out from this cloud storage. It’s easy to do. Open the Apple Menu, and then choose System Preferences, and iCloud. You will find the Sign Out button on it and click it. Once you click it, the system will ask you to keep a copy of the data on the Mac. Choose Keep a Copy to finish it.

  1. Sign Out from iMessage

This is only for you who use OS X Mountain Lion or higher. Open the iMessage app, and then choose Messages, Preferences, and Accounts. Find your account, choose it, and then click Sign Out.

  1. Unpair The Bluetooth Devices

This is optional steps, but you might need to check if your Apple device is still paired with other devices through its Bluetooth. Usually, we use keyboards or mouse with this feature. So, for safety, turn off this feature before you sell your Apple device.

To unpair the Bluetooth device, you can open the Apple menu. Choose System Preferences, then Bluetooth. Now, you just need to choose the paired devices that you want to unpair. Once you click them, choose Remove option.

  1. Re-format Your Apple Device

It’s also an option. But, sometimes, you need to do this, to ensure that no one will be able to access your old data. The process is simple. Just format the hard drive that you use. Once its done, reinstall the OS that you use on your device. You may have difficulty if you use it on your mobile device. So, most people will skip this step. But, for Mac device, you need to do this step.


Those are 6 important steps that you must do before you sell your Apple device. The last thing you need to do is finding the place, where you can sell your device. Macback UK is one of the best choices. But, you also can choose any places, that you think fit with your needs and give you the best price.