6 Proven Strategies for Becoming a Successful Construction Project Manager

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Over the next several years, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects job prospects in construction project management to increase by nearly 11%. This offers a strong opportunity for those with construction experience to take on a new challenge as a business owner or part of an established team. However, being a successful construction project manager takes more than industry experience and construction know-how. Following the guidance below lays the groundwork for ongoing success with each project in construction management, no matter how the size or scope of the work.

Excel in Communication

All construction projects managers need to excel in the communications department. As the leaders of a job site, project managers interact with several different individuals throughout the duration of the work. Suppliers, vendors, subcontractors, and job owners all rely on the project manager to offer guidance and direction on the progress of the job over time. However, there are times when work sites become hectic, stressful, and saturated with too many disconnected parties. Project managers who have strong communication skills, both in writing and speaking, often realize success on job sites because they are able to manage these moving parts with ease.

Know Business Requirements

Whether a construction manager is striking out on his or her own or stepping up to the plate as part of an established company, the most successful know the business requirements of each job early on in the process. Most construction jobs require state- or municipality-approved licensing and bonding of contractors, as well as insurance against financial losses for subcontractors and suppliers. Understanding these requirements is key to being successful on each job, and ensuring the work is completed in-line with state or city laws.

Use the Best Tools

A promising trend in the construction industry is the influx of technology-infused tools to help manage the business from top to bottom. Software options abound in construction management, as do advancements in safety gear and monitoring devices. Utilizing these technology tools for blueprints, budget management, personnel management, and reporting gives a significant amount of time back to successful construction project managers. It also offers a way to stay more organized and efficient both on and off the job site.

Outsource when Possible

Construction managers wear many hats on a day to day basis, but not everyone is adept at maintaining control over every aspect of the business. Construction project leads who do not excel in certain crucial areas of the business, such as accounting or scheduling, should consider their resources for outsourcing. Delegating certain tasks to qualified individuals or digital applications can save construction managers time and money, and provide peace of mind that these essential business needs are met correctly.

Staying in Budget

Many construction project managers feel the pressure of staying within the budget on a new project, particularly when they are new to the business. Budget constraints make for a stressful environment, but there are several ways to maintain a tight grip on costs before a project even begins. For many, getting the best cost on construction bonds is the first step, followed closely by implementing safeguards to protect against loss and theft on the job. Ensuring these cost-saving measures are put in place throughout a project helps construction managers remain within the confines of the project’s budget.

Visit the Site

Finally, successful project managers in construction need to be aware of what is happening on the job site. While not an everyday requirement, the best project managers recognize the need to visit the location to ensure things are going smoothly. Checking in on the progress of work, the state of safety for subcontractors and suppliers, and ensuring deliveries of supplies and materials are on-time and correct all help a construction project manager be successful for the entirety of a job.