6 Reasons Why Live Video Shopping is The Future of eCommerce 


A question for you!

Do you prefer conventional shopping or online shopping?

Ofcourse online shopping!

With the advancement in technology, people across the globe are purchasing products within a few simple clicks via smartphone. Online shopping plays a vital role in people’s lives. People who are busy with their work schedules and elder people often prefer online shopping.

Researching and comparing the product is another key benefit associated with online shopping. Because, you can easily compare the product features, price and other details on e-commerce platforms with ease. Also, you can avail of great discounts during festival seasons and special events. 

Introduction to Live Video Shopping

Live shopping is skyrocketing. It’s no surprise that live commerce

 has successfully grown exponentially in a couple of years. There are several e-commerce platforms that are implementing live video shopping to successfully run their business and stay ahead of the competition.

Live shopping is becoming a popular e-commerce strategy in a few years. The concept might sound new, but it’s not new! It’s pretty sure you might have watched TV channels or social media platforms whose main goal is to showcase their products in real-time. The process is called video stream shopping. E-commerce platforms can sell anything i.e ranging from mobile phones to baby care products. A celebrity or business owner would showcase and give an overview of the product. The host will ask customers to place an order by calling a mobile number.

Customers can get to know more information about the product. They can leave a comment or ask any question to the host, similarly, on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube live streaming video. 

Live Video Shopping – The Origin

E-commerce is flourishing. Originally, China introduced a live video shopping trend. Now, the concept is spreading around the world. As per analysis, Chinese influencers or celebrities are creating live stream videos and it’s working great. Small and large e-commerce platforms are introducing live video shopping to make themselves strong enough to survive in the market.

Brands across the Chinese market are selling their products within a couple of seconds. It means that live video shopping is the best thing to implement. It’s an excellent combination, mixing social channels of live shopping video with your e-commerce platform that can quickly allow your users to get connected and place an order in real-time. Customers can understand the pinpoints of the product through live video shopping and order it with a single call. With this amazing level of comfort and convenience with live video shopping, brands are quickly increasing their sales.

Why Live Video Shopping should be the future of e-commerce?

Due to a lack of user experience at e-commerce checkout, customer engagement rates have dropped. But building a positive relationship with target customers and also keeping them entertained is really important. But, e-commerce platforms are working harder to improve customer relationships by connecting with them frequently. Currently, live video shopping is an excellent approach to get connected with the target audience.

Thanks to live video shopping! It allows e-commerce platforms to get feedback instantly from their customers during streaming. Keeping it simple, the live streaming approach is a way behind the personal connection. Customers can effectively stay connected with the brands on the move in real-time. This is another key reason for entrepreneurs to maximize their revenue and improve brand awareness through live video shopping.

Popular brands such as Facebook, Instagram and Amazon have introduced live video shopping to stay on top of the current trend. E-commerce platforms often conduct live streaming to introduce their brand products. Users can easily shop directly from live streaming. No more wasting their time browsing the product and adding them to the cart. 

Safe and Secure Approach to Shop

The covid-19 pandemic has changed people’s lives in unexpected ways. It has forced people to stay at home. Many shoppers are turning online to fulfil their needs. Be it grocery or household appliances, shoppers are getting their products delivered without stepping out of their homes.

Live video shopping has commonly become an alternative option for people to buy their favourite products. Shopping in their comfort has its own benefits for every shopper. There are a few things that contribute to a customer’s experience i.e comfort, convenience, ease and speed. Live shopping offers everything and even more. 

Since most people are worried about their health. They are not visiting busy stores and also avoiding unnecessary trips to any mall. This is another reason to raise the demand and popularity of live video shopping.

Much More Interesting and Exciting

It’s no surprise that reading the product details can be a boring part of online shopping. With live video shopping, you don’t need to read product descriptions. Because the host will explain everything about the product in real-time. If you’ve any questions, you can ask through comments or give a call their mobile number.

Another exciting thing about live video shopping is that brands offer products at highly discounted prices. Purchasing a product at a huge discount can be an interesting part for any customer. Many businesses are introducing flash sales during live video shopping to increase conversions. It means, that brands can earn good profits within a short period of time. During flash sales or end-of-season sales, brands are impressing the customers to place their orders quickly.

Heightened Engagement

Everyone needs to accept the fact that live video shopping can be the best solution to develop customer engagement and experience. During online shopping, customers just find the product and checkout to the payment page. But, with live video shopping, customers can leave a comment or share their experiences in real-time.

With live video shopping, customers can easily engage with the host or celebrity. Brands can get instant feedback from their customers in real-time.

A Personal Touch

Customers can request product additional information or any query during live video shopping. The host will provide answers in real-time. The process can sound similar to shopping in-store, customers can ask detailed questions to the salesperson. However, live video shopping is a convenient way that saves maximum time.

Customers always prefer to purchase from a brand that makes them feel comfortable and happy. With live video shopping, brands will get an opportunity to sell products according to customers’ comfort. Just by responding to customers’ questions or requests, the host can easily highlight the product benefits naturally.

More Power to the Customer

Who doesn’t like to feel empowered? Of Course everyone. Live video shopping will give complete power to your customer. It allows them to get connected with popular or favourite brands, view the product details, listen to other customers’ reviews, and receive answers from the host in real-time.

No more barriers!!! Yes, you’ve heard it right. There are no barriers between e-commerce and customers during live shopping. With the personal connection, the bounce rate and cart abandonment often get reduced. Hopefully, the count of returning audiences will increase.

The ultimate goal of live shopping is to help every customer. They must feel valued, entertained and completely satisfied with your product.

Storytelling Sells

The power of storytelling is unbelievable. E-commerce platforms understand the importance of storytelling concepts. Similar to implementing storytelling approaches in blogs, brands can introduce storytelling concepts in live video selling as well.

Video storytelling is trending now. Video enables e-commerce platforms to tell stories that can feature their brand products. With storytelling, brands can quickly build awareness, increase conversions and more.


If you’re planning to grow your e-commerce business, live video shopping can be an excellent option for you. All you need to do is hire an influencer or a host who can demonstrate your product to your customers. This way, customers will watch your product and purchase it within a single click.

Live shopping is currently trending in the e-commerce world. People stay most of their time on social media platforms. This is another reason to approach social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for live video shopping. Also, for people who got stuck in their homes during quarantine or lockdown period, and looking for a human connection, live video shopping can be the best option for them.

Hope you got enough reasons why live video shopping is the future of e-commerce.