6 Tips to Sell the MacBook with a Higher Price

mac book

For you who have a plan to sell your Macbook, make sure that you are able to sell it at a good price. Well, it is not only about the money but also the fact that this device is indeed worthy. Unfortunately, it seems quite difficult to sell it in the right place for the status of MacBook itself which is indeed secondhand.

But you should not worry. There are actually some tips and tricks you can follow so that your MacBook can be sold out with the price as it should be or even higher than that. Check them out.

Improve the Appearance

Never ignore the appearance of Macbook that you want to sell. Whatever it is, people may fall in love at first sight due to the physical appearance. Even for the MacBook, no matter how sophisticated it is, it will never be sold out well if the appearance is not good.

So, if the case of your MacBook has been dirty, scratched, and the likes, you need to repair it at first. Don’t be doubtful to spend some money to replace the case since it can be much profitable later. If you can improve its appearance so that it looks like the new one, it is much better.

Reinstall the OS

Sure, you must back the files up and sign out from all accounts for your own safety. But sometimes it is not enough; reinstalling the OS is the best thing to do. It is not only to protect your personal data but also to make the MacBook, in general, look better and newer.

In fact, the software or apps that have been installed in the MacBook can simply decrease the quality of this device. The software may make it run more slowly or fill up the hard drive. That’s why; reinstalling is really important. When the seller wants to see the performance, it can work more properly.

Change the Spare Parts

Well, it is indeed a secondhand PC. Therefore, it is reasonable if there are spare parts that have been troubled or the quality has been low. So, you may need to change it. It is to avoid any error occurred at the time the buyer wants to see the performance.

If it is needed, you can bring your MacBook to the service center to check it entirely. After it is proven that this device is still in a good condition, it means you can just sell it. You should not worry since changing the spare parts will not cost more. If you compare it with the selling price later, it is still profitable.

Sell the Additional Items or Accessories

There are some features or accessories that are only compatible with a certain MacBook series. It means if you want to replace your old MacBook with the new one, those accessories probably no longer can be used.

Rather than letting it be unused in your drawer, it is necessary to sell them along with the main MacBook. The accessories can be in the form of CD/ DVD, speaker, lap desk, mouse, and many more. With the additional items, you can play with the price more. This way, you can sell them all with a relatively cheap price from the view of the customers. For yourself, you can gain more profits.

Find the Right Place to Sell the Macbook

It should be not difficult to sell the MacBook nowadays. Yes, the shops and services are all around. However, are you sure that they are trusted? So, the next thing to do is conducting a survey regarding the best shops to sell the secondhand PC. You can also go and find here to sell your Macbook.

Be Honest

Lastly, you need to be honest regarding the conditions of your MacBook. You should share why you want to sell it. If there is a problem, it is important for you to tell the buyer all about it until the details.

There is an interesting fact about being honest in the trades and transactions. The honesty makes the buyer sees you and your products more positively. Consequently, the product you sell can even be valued more than what you have expected. So, are you interested to sell your MacBook in the near future?