6 Ways to Protect Your Online Business from Cyber Hacking


When you own a business online, your whole livelihood is in the hands of the right protection. You want your business details locked away securely, and there are certain measures you can take to ensure that it cannot be touched by cybercriminals. If you’re worried about cyber hacking, here are six ways you can protect your business online:

1. Use IT Professionals 

Unless you’re IT savvy you will need experts to stand in and look after IT managements. To minimize costs, consider outsourcing by using HLB System Solutions to look after everything IT-related in your company. This way, you can be assured that your security is in the best hands. 

2. Update Software Often 

Without thinking, many people click off the pop-ups telling them to update, but this can cause issues. Not updating often enough can leave your whole system vulnerable and more likely to be hacked. Next time your computer tells you it is time to update, make sure you let it do so. 

3. Back-Up Everything 

In the worst-case scenario you will be relieved to find that everything is backed up. Don’t let your whole business vanish because of one misfortune, make sure everything is backed up. The cloud makes it easy to do this, so, even if one of your computers is hacked, you’ll still be able to access your business’s information elsewhere. This could be a lifesaver!

4. Use a VPN 

Most people, even those who aren’t running businesses, benefit from using a VPN. It secures all your devices by using up-to-date encryption, ensuring everything you do online, including typing in passwords, is fully protected. It’s a sensible idea to install one on each of your devices, so you are protected on all fronts. 

5. Use Two-Step Authentications 

If someone is trying to hack one of your accounts, a strong password is useful. What is better, though, is having two authentications to get through. Imagine an office with a single locked door leading to all the expensive equipment, and then imagine one with a locked door behind another locked door that requires thumb-print identification. Which one is the robber most likely to steal from? Apply this to your online security – two-step authentications are far more likely to deter hackers, so use them!

6. Educate Your Staff

Don’t run any risks in any part of your business, make sure all your staff know how to protect themselves online. Make sure VPN’s are installed on all the work computers, and tell your staff not to click on anything they are unsure about, especially phishing emails. If your staff know what to look out for, they will be less likely to click on something dangerous. Consider holding a staff meeting to go over all the essentials of cybersecurity. 

When you own an online business, cybersecurity is crucial. Follow these steps to ensure that your business is behind a heavy lock so you don’t have to worry about cyber hacking.