7 Tips to choose best broadband deals


In today’s time, can you imagine a day without the internet? Hard, right? Be it personal or work-related, everything is online and to access it from anywhere you need the internet. If you’re a freelancer or a person who frequently needs to work from home then broadband service is a must. Not only your home, if everyone in a small office set-up needs the internet to carry-on with their daily work then broadband is a must. 

With time the internet has evolved and it is not an exaggeration to say that broadband has also become a necessity to people. One can say that after water and energy the most important utility that takes a good-chunk of your hard-earned cash is broadband. It is omnipresent in people’s life, one doesn’t need to worry about it until and unless there are major issues with it.  But don’t you think you must put in enough thinking as broadband is also taking up space in your purse? So it is important for you to get the broadband connection at the best possible price.

With literally hundreds of options available in the market, it can be quite daunting to choose your broadband provider. Beware there are many bad deals too. So it takes an extra time and effort to find the right broadband provider. Remember if you’re a person who frequently works from home then you know the importance of broadband and choosing a bad deal may cost you more than you have signed-up for. You would either end up paying more for it than you receive or be stuck with low speed internet, crippling your work. 

What is broadband?

Broadband is a standard in most of the homes these days. To put in simple terms, it is a high-speed internet connection. The technology has come a long way from the narrow band. If you’re wondering what is narrowband? In the dial-up days, you can either use the landline or the internet, you can’t run both of them simultaneously. Thankfully, now people can use both of them at the same time. 

There are two types of broad bands i.e., mobile and home. The home broadband is hard-wired, it is usually transported through a cable (fiber-optic connection) or a  phone line. However the second type of broadband is not transported through wires, it is transported through mobile network and it is not as consistent and speedy as home broadband but is more flexible as you can have internet connection anywhere at any time. As long as your router is working, you can use the internet anytime. 

Standalone or combined?

If you are choosing to get a broadband connection, then the first and foremost choice you have to make is whether your connection is going to be standalone or combined. 


Standalone means you will be signing up only for the broadband services. The broadband only package doesn’t include any Tv package or home phone line. Standalone is highly rare as you need a telephone connection for broadband services. But one could not agree less that this is also the best deal out of two, as it is less expensive. Since you’re paying only for what you need and it will save you a few bucks in your pocket.


Combined comes with both broadband services and home phone. Sometimes it even includes tv deals too. Most of the broadband service providers are offering broadband plans with tv packages as inclusion. The best thing about combined packages is that if you use both the services then it is better to take the combined plan rather than individual plan. As getting them together can be more economical. 

However, if you’re someone who doesn’t need a tv package or home phone, then getting standalone is the perfect option for you.

From choosing the right service provider to best deals there are so many things that you need to consider. So here are a few tips that will help you in the process.

Choose right service provider

There are different types of broadband connections available. So you must make the right choice. Getting broadband is also a long term commitment. So you must think thoroughly before making your decision. You must check all the available options. Nowadays all the companies are providing services in any part of the city. But it is better to choose for a company that is near your home. 

It is better to check their availability beforehand rather than finding out later that the service provider you have chosen is not offering services in your area. The best way to find out the availability of a particular service provider is by postal checker. When you visit their website if there is a postal checker then do it. All you need to do is enter your Zip code and it will show you whether the service is available in the particular area or not.

Compare before deciding

Don’t you compare prices before purchasing a commodity or a service? You do, right? So why any difference for broadband plans. Purchase a broadband connection, only to find out later that there are many other service providers in your area offering similar services at a lesser cost will really hurt. So it is never a bad move to compare before making a decision. 

If you have been sticking with the same provider for years then it is a definite that you check the other providers and compare the deals before extending your contract. After all who would like to pay more when you can obtain similar services at a much lesser price. There are many applications available in the market to compare broadband deals. Use such applications to find the best deal.

Check the contract

See there are many instances where people end up signing for things that they regret later. So if you don’t want to end-up regretting signing up with your broadband provider. Then check the contents of your contract clearly before signing up. See whether it is favourable for you or not. 

Don’t forget to check all the terms and conditions of the contract before you sign the contract. And remember to ask all your questions to the service provider before signing only. Once you sign the contract there is not much that you can do. Take note of all the important terms and also don’t forget to a mark the expiration date in your calendar.

Data limit

See not everyone needs the same amount of data. It may vary from person to person and sometimes it may vary based on your profession. So signing up for more than you need is also a waste of money. The data requirements of a beginner is quite different from students, gamers or a business. 

So see under which category do you fall, understand and choose your data limit accordingly. Once you understand how much data you’re going to use, proceed to choose the deal that is covering your requirements at the best price.

Beware of extra charges

Not all the service providers are as truthful as they claim and sometimes they ask you to pay more than the initial price they quote. So before signing up enquire if there are any additional costs that you must pay. Most of the time apart from the monthly fees and the line rental cost you may end up paying more. 

All these additional costs will have an adverse effect on your bank account. Some of the extra charges that broadband service may ask you to pay are activation fees, installation charges, payment fees, delivery charges, billing fees. Know all the extra charges you’re signing up for beforehand, if you accept the contract.

Understand monthly limit

Choosing the speed can be a hard task, as providers offer a variety of deals in terms of usage allowance. It is your responsibility to consider how much data you’re going to use every month. Because if you don’t put a limit on how much data you want to use, you may end up using more and end up paying more than you signed up for. 

If you’re a single user who doesn’t use the internet more, then 10-30 GB is more than enough to get you going. But if you’re a multi-person user and are a frequent gamer or like streaming shows on the internet then you should look for a package that will satisfy your needs.

Customer service

Before choosing the best broadband deal checkout the reviews and testimonies of existing customers. And don’t forget to ask around about their customer service too. As you know there are chances of your broadband running into technical difficulties. So it is important for you to find a service provider who has the best customer service. 

Not only about technical difficulties, there can be any queries such as feature details, payment details or upgrading details that you need answers too. So when you contact the customer service, it would always feel nice if the customer support is friendly and ready to answer any of your questions. So customer service will also impact your decision making process.


If you’re someone who enjoys gaming, watching movies or frequently works from home then you must have a broadband connection to see that your work runs smoothly. However, choosing the right service provider doesn’t end your job there. You must also see that your service provider is offering you the best deal too. So choose a plan that suits your requirements and comes at the best price.