Best Parental Control App- Famisafe Review


Being a parent is not only a blessing and fun, but it is also full of responsibilities and nightmares. Especially when your kids are entering into the tween age ( 9 to 13 years of age). You need to watch out their each and every step in order to lead them in the right direction. It is the age when your children need your guidance the most as it is said to be a crucial age both to the parent and the child. 

Moreover, the world is not full of good people. There are predators, frauds everywhere both online and offline. The ignorant pre-teens and teens are likely to fall into traps of that evil. So, it is highly important for parents to monitor and shield kid’s and their activities, behavior in this modern era.

In this digital age, where anybody can learn anything with access to the internet, there are high chances that your kids might learn many bad things and get addicted. Besides, kids and teens have imaginative and adventurous minds, they use smartphones or tablets for exploring new things, good and bad, other than what they are told. So, there are huge chances that cyber frauds take advantage of their innocence. Again, as a parent, it is your job to control your kids’ online activities and protect them from unpleasant consequences. 

This is why Famisafe has come into the picture. It is one of the, in fact, the only most reliable parenting control application in the market today. So, no matter if you are a working parent or a Luddite, protecting your kids from both online and offline threats is not that daunting with Famisafe.

So, wondering what exactly is this Famisafe? 

Well, it is a well-known and trusted parental control app that helps parents to monitor their kid’s online and offline activities. With features like GPS tracking, app usage, cyberbullying alerts, online dangers, inappropriate content downloads etc. Famisafe helps parents all over the world to teach their kids the best and healthy digital habits.

Why is Famisafe the best parental control app?

Finding an application that provides extendable features not compromising on the security or privacy of your kids at the same time is not that easy. This is where Famisafe stands out among its competitors. Yes, it is the leading parental control app that alerts parents about their kid’s safety with much ease. The best part is that the app is compatible with all the devices i.e., androids, iPhones, etc. Meaning, you would need iOS parental controls if your kids use iPhone or iPad. Or get Famisafe for android. Not to mention, there are only slight variations on both versions, the reliability and performance are however the same.

Famisafe not only lets you track your kid’s whereabouts but also notifies you about any potential risks on-the-go or wherever you are.

Read out the review of the unique and amazing features of Famisafe and decide whether to choose it or not. 

What makes Famisafe one of the best parental control apps?

Web content tracking, filtering and blocking

Smartphones with an internet connection can take your child to different places right from its place. Though it lets your kids discover new and exciting information, there are annoying and inappropriate ads that attract your kid’s attention. So, parents need to pay much attention when their kids are spending too much time online. 

Moreover, your kids might enter into an evil site or space unknowingly and become prey for the frauds. 

Here is what Famisafe’s web content blocker does –

  • monitors every page your kid visits
  • detects if it is the right site or a suspicious one
  • alerts you about the activity 
  • blocks access to your kid from entering such sites

This way you can always be aware of what your kid is doing online. If you notice that he intentionally visits such sites, you can warn them slowly and block all relevant sites.

Real-time location tracking

There might be some dangerous or suspicious spots nearby you which you don’t want your kid to visit. Set geofencing, meaning arrange fencing around the safe geographical areas and get notified if your kid steps out of the fencing. Famisafe allows you to set upto 1000m radius. You can either restrict to certain areas or just know if he enters or leaves his school with real-time location tracking and geofencing features.

Set limit for App usage & App blocker

There are certain entertainment and social networking apps such as Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, Gaming apps etc. The environment in these apps may hold your kids to spend more time on them. And that may distract, or disturb him from other important tasks like sleeping, studying .etc. or even weaken his physical and mental health.

Moreover, there are apps that display explicit content and harm your kids. Famisafe lets you block such apps to keep your kid safe from such inappropriate content. You can block improper or adult content on Youtube with Youtube Parental Controls and block usage of certain apps that you feel are not safe.

The app provides access to kids to request permission so that you can grant permission if you feel it is safe.

Activity Report

You need not worry about what if your kid installs a new application and uses it without your knowledge. Famisafe sends you reports of every activity your kid does on his phone. That simply means you can know which app your kid uses the most, how much time spends, new installations, or deleted apps, downloaded images, videos etc. So, you are not left with anything unnoted. Isn’t it great that you can even analyze the behaviour of your kid with just one single app?

Schedule Screen Time to prevent addiction

Too much of usage becomes an addiction. Be it smartphones, or any apps, you can set a  time limit for usage. If your kid uses more than the scheduled time, the screen goes off. Thus you can prevent him from getting addicted. 

You can make the Famisafe screen time feature playful by allowing him extra time if he finishes an assigned task. Your kids will love this too and this can make them more sportive.

Get Notified of suspicious activities

Whenever your kids receive a suspicious email, text or image, Famisafe sends you a notification. It even allows you to view it so that you can warn your kid to keep him safe. Parental control apps even let you identify the mental status of your kid, whether he is getting addicted to drugs, or porn sites or suffering from depression with activity tracking features. So, whenever you see that your kid downloaded or posted or commented or shared any kind of suspicious content, you can talk to them.

Easy to use

As already, Famisafe is much easier to use. The user interface is much simpler, that anyone can understand and change settings according to their requirements.

Here are steps to use this amazing parental control app.

  1. Download Famisafe both on your and your kid’s mobile
  2. Login into the app as a parent
  3. Login into your kid’s phone as a kid with the same account
  4. Allow all requested settings such as location, media, other apps etc. on your kid’s phone
  5. Turn on notifications on your phone
  6. Set the usage limits, block the apps, use geofencing etc. using the app dashboard or the web portal
  7. And you are done. Famisafe watches your kid for you.


You can’t stay with your kid always and spy on round the clock, it only distances you from them. Parental control apps are the best solutions to monitor your kids, track their movements and guide them in a better path. These apps are a smooth way to tell your kids that you love them and their safety matters a lot for you. And you could find nothing but Famisafe in the market to do your job as a parent smoothly. With its tracking, monitoring, blocking and notification features, you can always be relaxed that your kid is safe online and offline. You can even respond immediately if you find they are in some danger or bothersome situations.