Best Ways to Repurpose Your PLR Content


You can get overwhelmed and stalled up with your ideas and different ways to be unique. Various businesses, coaches, and service providers use PLR content all the time. Private Label Rights (PLR) is a useful shortcut to help you create a new product and publish new content that will boost your brand, business, and add value to your audience. 

Some people think that using PLR is a waste of time. Some people get into resale rights products business opportunities and find they can do rather well with it. If you are buying PLR content or products, the trick is to repurpose it to make it unique. There is no need to spend money on PLR content if you cannot personalize it. Luckily, there are numerous ways for you to twist and uplift your PLR content to help you gain followers and increase sales. 

Here are ideas for repurposing PLR content.

Change Formats

The best way to modify PLR and private label rights ebooks is by changing the format. For instance:

  • Private label right ebooks, use every chapter to create a summary, video, or report 
  • Create a chart or infographic content from pieces of data
  • Create an ebook from multiple PLR articles 
  • Take your PLR article and transform it into a video using a tool like Vidnami or Camtasia

The main aspect is to turn the content into unique and original content that is suited for your business and brand. If you are combining different reports, make sure the contents have a flow.

Combine Different Pieces of PLR Content Digital Products with Resell Rights

PLR content can be used multiple times. Once you purchase digital products with resale rights, you can do as you please. Therefore, you can mix and match PLR content to come up with something unique. You can use content from chapters of different eBooks to create a different book. Before using the content, ensure that you go through the agreement for all the PLR contents you intend to use. So, ensure you stick by the agreement before proceeding.  Selling your own digital products is a fantastic work from home opportunity that allows you to help others while earning an income online.

Social Media 

Social media is one of the best digital product-selling platforms on the market these days. It is useful for every entrepreneur. One idea of repurposing PLR content is to use relevant information or quotes from the contents you purchased to make content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can use Canva to merge words and images. Posts with pictures shared on social media are shared as compared to posts without. 

Create Tools to Enhance the Content

Most of the PLR content you get around is basic. It may have the information you need but not to the extent that it gives your brand and customers excellent value. To enhance PLR content, you can add tips and tools to help people get around it. For instance, you can incorporate charts, a template, multiple instructions, or even worksheets. Whatever you add to spice up the content or make it easy for people to use is great value.

Add Personal Stories and Examples 

PLR content is tailored, meaning you can personalize it. One good way of making a PLR report is by adding personal stories. Adding your biography in the introduction is an excellent place to start. You can incorporate personal images and photographs to add some personal touch to it. You can also add information throughout the report. Such details will convert your content to something that only you could have created. To learn more ways to market your brand online, click here.

Changing PLR is a good way of creating something different and of higher value to sell. You can find premium PLR products and also some of the best digital product selling platforms make it your own to help bring in some income. This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of or keep up with competitors. 

Watch this video to learn more about the power of PLR content: