Can the Delivery of Customer Experience Improve with the Help of a Consultant?


Marketers are always on the lookout for something that will help them boost customer experience to ensure brand/product loyalty, higher conversions, and increased revenues. Customer experience or CX is the holistic perception of the customer’s experience with a brand or business. CX is the sum of all the interactions a customer has with a company, including site navigation, conversing with customer services, and receiving the products the customer bought from a company. A great customer experience is vital to ensure that they will keep coming back to buy more from you.

Any business strives to provide a great customer experience to ensure its success. The better the customer experience, the more positive reviews, and repeat sales the company will have. It can reduce product returns and customer complaints.

Delivering an excellent customer experience is a full-time business process. It requires expertise and knowledge of market trends and the proper use of available tools. Although it can be done in-house, it is better to hire a professional customer experience consultant. You do not have to spend on the training of your staff, and the consultant can start working right away. As you are hiring an expert, you can be assured that the consultant will only focus on what he/she is hired to do.  

How can a customer experience consultant help your business?

The objective of a customer experience consultant is to help your organisation create a memorable experience for your customers. This means that the consultant will employ tactics to improve the conversion rate from different platforms. They will nurture loyalty among existing customers and encourage them to recommend the brand/business to others to increase brand recognition and expand market share. 

  • It is the job of a customer experience specialist to design and improve a company’s customer experience initiative. It starts from an in-depth understanding of every customer and knowing their real specific need, not their perceived need. The specialist will develop campaigns and programs to improve brand awareness, boost sales growth, and increase brand loyalty.
  • The consultant will develop a clear vision of the entire process to deliver an excellent customer experience that you can easily follow. Moreover, you will know what you can expect from the proposed plan. They will use different tools to gather customer feedback in real-time, study various consumer data and other analytics that they can incorporate into the sales process. 
  • You can expect the customer experience consultant to create a plan to increase customer loyalty, satisfaction, and advocacy. The specialist believes that when you enhance every touchpoint in the customer’s journey, you are making it memorable. Touchpoints may include learning about your product or service from a social media post to checking the mobile version of your website and placing an order using a desktop or laptop. Satisfied customers are likely to remain loyal to your brand or product, and refer your business to others. 

Delivering customer experience is a complex process. See to it that the person you hire as your consultant has the experience and expertise in your industry niche, so your customer experience strategy will fit your business goals.