Conducting Online Examination Successfully


Many schools and colleges are conducting online exams for students. They should conduct video conferencing sessions or even conduct offline exams. Some schools only forward worksheets to the students using apps. The students should honestly solve the questions without any supervision. Usually, the parents monitor the activities of the child. But, such exams cannot be conducted successfully because the students can easily access information from the books. The online exam should be conduct successfully so that the students should access information from any sources.  The online exam software is used to monitor the students during examination. 

Difference between online examination and traditional examination 

Traditional examination

The examiners create question-papers for the students for the exam.  They monitor the activities of the students during the exam in the classroom. After the students complete their exam, then they collect their papers and examine their papers. Then, they allocate marks and then calculate their total marks. In this way, they provide grading to the students. The students use pens and papers to solve the questions. So, the students wait for the results for a month. 

Conducting examination online

They use online exam software to conduct online examination. The examination online is conducted in a different way. The invigilators use online proctoring tools to supervise the students. The worksheets are uploaded in the system and the students should solve the questions. The supervisors use various tools online to monitor the activities of the students. After the students complete their examination, the system automatically provides grading.  The students can appear for the test from anywhere. They use anti-cheating technologies to detect cheating during the examination. 

The online examination is conducted by the examiners using the modern tools and technologies. The students should not be able to access information from any source. So, they may use AI device to monitor the exam or may appoint a supervisor online to monitor the students during the examination. Some tools are installed in the system to disable the accessibility from software and websites.  

How to conduct online exams successfully?

The examination platform is usually a scalable cloud-based platform. It consists of data security and privacy features. It also consists of stimulators.

Candidate authentication

The examiners should employ some tools to conduct an online examination in an authentic manner. Firstly, they should verify the identity of the person appearing for the exam. So, they should enter their OTP, email or provide ID proof after opening the examination software to prove their authenticity. The image of the candidate is uploading in the software already. Such software also consists of a camera system to capture the image of the candidates. So, if the image that is uploaded and the image that it captured align, then the candidate is genuine.  

Disabling of browsers and other features

The students should not be able to access information from the sites or other software. So, the students should use a feature to disable access of information. 

Sharing the screen

Then, they should share their screen to the examiners so that they can examine their activities. If the students deviate from the screen, they usually receive a notification, that they should not continue this activity. 

System of examination online

The online examiners conduct an examination using internet or intranet for students. Such exams include some processing modules so that the system automatically provides results to the students after completing their exam. Today, many examiners use the fully-automated systems to provide results within a shorter period. After the student completes the test, the test window automatically collapses. But, the examiners should examine the lengthy answers written by the students. The system does not automatically provide answers or grades if the answers are lengthy. So, the examiners should provide results to the students via email or sending notification through other tools. 

Following are the benefits of conducting examination online

Logistic problem

The students need not pay conveyance expenses to travel from one place to another. They can save their time and expenses. They can minimize the resource requirements and the examiners need not create question papers as the examination is configured online. So, the process of examination is conducted quickly. The applications also can be screened using minimal resources. 

Resolving geographical problems

The students from any location are able to appear for the test. The students from various locations can meet together at a common place using internet and other devices. 


Usually, the examiners incur expenses to conduct physical examination in various examination centers. They should make several arrangements for the students during the examination at various test centers. But, online they can conduct exams for several students using minimal bandwidth. They should merely use a computer, active internet connection and webcam to conduct test. 

Question banks

They conduct advanced online examination using test platform using exhaustive library features. 

Auto-graded reports

They provide detailed report to the candidate to reveal their performance. They also provide section-wise summary to the students to know their areas of strengths and weaknesses. They can determine their difficulty level and the time taken by the students to complete their exam. These detailed reports provided by the system are useful to the students to seek for career guidance. The students can understand their competencies in a better way. 

The online test is usually conducted effectively in the following way.

The question sets are uploaded by the test conductors. The results are configured. The bulk information is uploaded on the platform and they select the time slots also. The test-takers are provided with the links and emails.

The candidates should use the three-step authentication. They should use the links to login and these tests are usually recorded. The examiners sometimes even use the AI based devices for examination.

When the user submits the test, then the paper is auto-evaluated for real-time report generation. The results are usually customized using HTML or PDF format. 

The examiners can even upload texts, videos or images and use some engaging features. They can also use easy-to-use features to create credible tests. The examiners can also create comprehensive question banks using variety of questions.

These tests are conducted using the most modern tools and technologies.