Coworking in Auckland – What You Need to Know


Auckland’s coworking scene has evolved to include anyone and everyone wanting access to the city’s top talent. No longer just a haven to Auckland’s technology companies and start-ups, SMEs and larger businesses see the value of an office style that provides workspace while and a valuable support network. One of the best things about coworking in general is that the total experience is one where businesses are nurtured.

Before venturing into the city’s coworking scene, prepare yourself to be delighted and surprised by the various office types you might encounter. Because of the way these offices are typically organised, members have the opportunity to shape the character of the office, and in many ways, form unique communities. Servcorp coworking, Auckland is one example of the type of coworking community that can develop in the city. For the most part, you can maximise your experience by researching Auckland’s diverse coworking terrain.

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The Environment

Auckland’s coworking scene has to be one of the most flourishing in the market. Last year, the number of coworking spaces doubled in response to demands from professionals tired of the high rents necessary to own premium office space. One of the biggest characteristics of the city’s coworking environment is that it is extremely diverse, offering professionals a variety of spaces.

The coworking business community in Auckland began as a beacon for the start-up and technology companies, but as artists and other creative types saw the opportunity snap up valuable workspace in a creative environment, the coworking scene exploded. For this reason, in Coworking Auckland, you might find both niche and industry-specific coworking communities. Ultimately, the coworking scene provides businesses and professionals the chance to choose office space that caters to their business’s needs.

Perfect Productivity

One of the positive characteristics endemic of all coworking spaces is that they are characterised by elevated productivity. Auckland’s coworking professionals thrive in an environment that fosters networking and collaboration, and while social interaction plays a big role in daily interaction, professionals get work done. Regardless of the space, coworking professionals in the city find they can get more completed simply because the environment supports industry.

Flexibility As A Favourite

Another quality many coworking professionals find attractive about Auckland’s coworking scene is it is a very flexible way to work. The leasing terms are very flexible in that many are very short-term, and because you only pay for leasing space, your overhead is extremely low. The cost-effectiveness does not stop here.

Because you essentially belong to a community—not just an office, much emphasis is placed on the social interaction aspect of business, namely networking. Each space provides businesses opportunities to attend formal networking events, which if attended outside the space would be very expensive. Depending on the community, moreover, you might have access to accelerator or incubator programs within the coworking space.

Excellent Amenities

Another great thing about the Auckland’s coworking scene is that these communities have placed great emphasis in making its renters very comfortable. In addition to the standard office amenities, some spaces include cafés and bars, some going as far as to set up a spa for overworked professionals. Others provide parking access, lockers, and other amenities that make the working experience comfortable.

The Coworking Auckland Community

Coworking in Auckland is here to stay, as in the last two years the number of spaces has doubled. With new and larger industries tapping into coworking, talent can access valuable resources, and more significantly, employers and contractors can choose products and services in the coworking marketplace. For businesses and professionals considering adopting this office format, Auckland’s coworking terrain provides you with a diverse range of options.