Digital Goldmine: Use a personal loan to monetise social media


You already use social media so why not earn money from it? Social media monetisation is simple, takes less effort than a traditional business, and can earn popular influencers millions of dollars. There are some setup costs but a personal loan can set you on your way to digital fame and fortune today.

Here is a quick guide to creating a social media presence that sells. Do it right and you can pay off a quick personal loan in no time. 

Know your customer

Social media monetisation has such immense potential because it can target the WHO, WHAT, WHY and HOW. That means connecting with the right people with the right message at the right time, and in the right way. This is where data analytics comes in.

There are generally two stages to analytics. First, you decide on the target audience. For most influencers, this is the 16-45 age group that spends the most money. It can be further broken down by gender, location, socioeconomic group, and other similar factors. In essence, you hone in on your vision of the ideal audience member and cater to their needs.

The second stage, which can happen concurrently, is marketing to this select group. You will notice that social media apps require a DOB, and have access to your location in the permissions. Users also update their own profiles with similar information. 

Digital marketing companies let their clients target ads to individuals who match their preferred audience demographics. This way, the advertiser filters out irrelevant people while the relevant ones see ads that match their lifestyle.

A good analytics and digital marketing team can help you magnify your reach from Day 1. The best ones are not cheap but a low interest rate personal loan could be the answer.

Know yourself

Not every social media personality soars the heights of fame and fortune. Failure can often be traced back to a weak foundation. Many aspiring influencers try to create a personality based on someone they enjoy watching. In the process, they lose the essential bits that make them unique.

Don’t fall into that trap. It is fine to have an idol but you will have to infuse your online personality with more of you than them. It is not just to stand apart, it is also because staying ‘in character’ every day can be a challenge.

Find out who you are and adapt your content to suit, not the other way around.

Show yourself

Optics are the most important factor on every social media platform. It is not just about the content that you create, but also how you look, the background, and the final edit. This is what you need to showcase yourself effectively:

  • Appearance – You are the product even if what you say and do is the basis of your popularity. You will need to invest in your physical appearance. That includes grooming, nutrition, exercise, and apparel.
  • Décor – A bare wall is the bare minimum. The better alternative is décor that looks beautiful, attracts interest, and complements you and your content. It is a good idea to keep updating the background periodically.
  • AV equipment – Audiences will rarely engage without high-resolution video and clear sound. You will have to invest in video cameras, lighting, microphones, and booms. More sophisticated equipment like camera drones can bring an exciting new perspective. 
  • Editing – Social media videos are rarely uploaded raw. Almost all influencers edit content for length and clarity. Editing can also include digital video and audio effects, including text and logos.

Some people handle these tasks themselves but it is a time-consuming and labour-intensive process. It may be better to hire professionals or experienced freelancers. Equipment and décor can be expensive as well. A personal loan will take care of these additional expenses immediately.

Constant Engagement

Social media channels are up and running 24 hours a day and there is always an audience for interesting content. This should not be a one-way relationship, though. The most successful social media channels are those that inspire interaction and participation.

Here are three easy ways to engage your audience:

  • Polls – Everyone wants to have their voice heard and polls are perfect for this. Most social media apps even have templates specifically for fan polls. 
  • Questions – Instead of having predetermined answers like a poll, a Q&A is open-ended and engages more deeply.
  • Live chats – This is usually super-fan territory but can work for everyone if done right. Monetisation platforms like SubscribeStar let audience members get to know the real you.

You can hire content creators or even a publicity firm to create such engaging content. A quick personal loan is a good investment that pays for itself.

The social media universe is still in its infancy and ripe for the picking. Use a low interest rate personal loan to launch your career if you are short of funds. Before you take the plunge, here are some things to consider when applying for a personal loan.