Essential techniques to increase the sales of a call center software


Today, it is necessary to have highly motivated agents to meet all the objectives set out in a call center software campaign. You have to be methodical when hiring the sales team because to be a call center agent, employees must have specific qualities. However, their skills must be improved and enhanced through continuous training.

In addition, agents will be more incentivised if bonuses are established for meeting objectives. Rewards must be established, both on a daily basis and in the longer term, as this will motivate the agents by making them more effective every day. They can be, for example, commissions for sales, contests, voting, …

Although, no matter what type of business it is, a fundamental rule that no leader should skip is to motivate his or her employees through reward, not fear.

How do you get customers to listen carefully to a call from a call center software?

What is more complex in a sales call center software is to make the first calls to contacts. In spite of being a potential client, it is crucial to focus correctly on the methodology and the procedure to follow.

Below are some of the fundamental strategies to be followed by call center software agents:

  1. Generate interest in the client

Time is gold and anyone believes that their time is too valuable to be wasted on something that doesn’t interest them. That is why the beginning of the call is vital. It is necessary to seek the attention of the person and generate the need to know more about the subject.

Also, it is very important to show interest in the person. Always call him/her by name, ask him/her about the problems and objectives of his/her company. Even if it seems that we are not talking about our services, we are actually creating a link with him so that we can offer exactly what solves his/her needs.

  1. Keeping informed

The information we know about the company should be insinuated, as this way the client will feel valued, strengthening the link between both companies. It will not be just another call to the portfolio of potential customers.

  1. Every second count

It must be assumed that when a potential customer receives a call from an agent, it is being interrupted from its tasks. You have to ask how much time he/she has or if he/she prefers to be called at a different time. Otherwise, both the client and the agent will be wasting time with that call.

  1. No false hope

When you have gained a little confidence and the conversation flows, you tend to relax excessively. This can cause the agents to engage, not knowing exactly what the consequences may be in the future.

It is preferable to stop the conversation and resume it later, when the necessary consultations have been made and there is enough knowledge to respond correctly. A timely withdrawal is a victory.

  1. Future follow-up

When an agreement has been reached with the customer, a future call should be scheduled to finish closing the deal. By doing this, we’ll get time to develop a proper budget that satisfies the customer, making the sale less likely to fail.

If the agents of a cloud contact center apply all these techniques to the calls they make and, in addition, the leader or supervisor keeps them motivated, it is possible to achieve an improvement in productivity, consequently achieving an increase in sales.