Experts’ Global is the Future of GMAT Preparation


Currently, the world’s most exhaustive GMAT preparation software is Experts’ Global’s. This software was rolled out in February of 2018 and soon received an overwhelmingly positive response, from students across the world. This software truly stands out amongst its peers, thanks to its 300+ concept videos, 5000+ practice questions, 15 full length computer-based tests, and many innovative features.

This software has had such a warm reception, among the global student body, because of its use of keen artificial intelligence features. The software is capable of gathering and analyzing a great deal of useful data from the user’s behavior. It then uses that analysis to make custom recommendations that can handle any of the student’s unique learning needs. With the 300+ videos that have been embedded into the software, the students can study whenever and wherever they like. They can also revise the content of each video, however many times they need to. The program also includes access to Experts’ Global’s mock tests, which have received a similarly positive response from the many students who have undertaken them. The consensus is that these tests are the best at simulating the real GMAT; in terms of quality, concept, feel, and scope. Furthermore, more than 100 students worldwide have confirmed that their Experts’ Global mock scores were extremely close to their final GMAT scores.

Looking at the sheer number of GMAT aspirants who have commended this software, one must conclude that it will soon reach the stage of global dominance. Experts’ Global’s team has been working around the clock to ensure that all student feedback is duly implemented. At the moment; Experts’ Global is hard at work, marketing this software to ensure that it gets the visibility that it deserves. It will not be long before this Indian EdTech firm is seen as a global leader in the field of GMAT preparation.

About Experts’ Global

As an EdTech firm, Experts’ Global is built on the idea of using technology to impart education. The firm is, particularly, competitive in the areas of GMAT preparation and MBA admissions consulting. Since 2008, Experts’ Global has guided students worldwide and helped thousands of them secure admission to the world’s best institutions. The firm has developed the most comprehensive and exhaustive software, in its niche, completely in-house. This software has played a central role in helping the Experts Global students beat the GMAT and secure admission to their dream schools.

Students from more 50 different countries have availed of Experts’ Global’s services. Experts’ Global’s students can be found in each and every one of the world’s top 150 business schools. One very interesting fact about Experts’ Global’s alumni is that they make up 10% of all the Indians, studying in the top 50 US schools. Each year, since 2010, the firm’s students have bagged scholarships worth more than 2 million $.

Founded by Mr. Mayank Srivastava, a Boston University MBA graduate (with 100% scholarship), Experts’ Global boasts of an exceptionally talented team of professionals. All of the members of Experts’ Global’s teams have extensive experience and carry degrees from prestigious Indian and international universities. The firm understands that its work affects people’s lives and considers that fact to be a badge of honor.