Financial Fragility – Why Financial Service Providers Are Insisting On Innovation


Now, more than ever, Australians are experiencing the benefits of innovation and technology. Regardless of the industry, products are being made to be stronger, faster, and more efficient versions of what has become before them. Throw in technology for good measure and innovation takes the business world to a new level.

This is very apparent in banking and the financial services sectors. New products and services in banking have created an industry that moves at warp speed. Whether we are talking about home loans, travel loans, or car loans, the time it takes from the application process to approval has increased drastically, and let’s not forget how modern banking has allowed consumers to take ownership of most of the functions of moving money in and out of their accounts through online systems.

Keep reading to learn why financial service providers need innovation to stay ahead of the pack.

Customer Satisfaction

One of the reasons that innovation is important is because financial institutions serve the public. In Australia, financial institutions provide their patrons with a variety of products that employ technology to make transactions run smoothly and speed up the average time it takes to complete a transaction. They also offer many other innovations that help these institutions to build a solid base of customers that will be happy with the institution and what they have to offer. These new products and services provide consumers with variety, flexibility, and convenience, contributing to the overall customer experience and satisfaction.

Product Efficiency

Innovation can make products work more efficiently for consumers. For example, being able to access account information at any time of the day or night is a convenience many people now enjoy. Innovations that allow consumers to access this information and perform different banking tasks from any device, make these products more efficient for both the user and those who work in banking. Ultimately, these products now work faster, complete a lot of banking tasks with ease, and are user-friendly in making financial transactions run much smoother and help to put the customer back in control of their own finances.

A Field Of Competitors

The field of competitors mandates that financial institutions stay up-to-date with emerging technologies that make it easy to complete transactions by all end users, including those who work for the institution and those who use their services. More and more commonly, consumers are being wooed to institutions who can provide them with services that can be completed quickly and efficiently online or over the phone. People are also increasingly drawn to financial providers who can give them the flexibility to make decisions without having to visit a teller at the bank. While the community bank can offer great customer service to its long-standing customers, financial institutions with online functionality can offer better access to a variety of services that will ultimately win over the more traditional institutions, and innovation has a had a major impact on this.

System Productivity

Innovation contributes to the overall productivity of the banking system. With many banking transactions requiring little interference from tellers and other bank personnel, the functions of these officials have changed significantly in the last number of years. Online institutions have especially changed the way in which banks operate by completely eliminating the need for physical space, streamlining many financial tasks. More importantly, these self-service banks have contributed to an industry that has become very more productive than ever due to the speed with which transactions can now be completed.

The Importance Of Innovation

Innovation has redefined banking in the last few years. Consumers have more options when looking for savings accounts and loan products and to compete with this variety of offerings, financial institutions are rising to the demands of the public at large. Innovation plays a crucial role in separating the contenders from the pretenders with those institutions that mean business embracing technology to improve the customer experience.