How PLT To PDF Converter Helps Architecture And Designing Professionals To Share Files?

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AutoCAD uses PLT extension files. It is a vector-based plotter file, which stores images, geometrical shapes, objects, mathematical calculations, and AutoCAD-related elements. Plotters make use of PLT files to design projects using lines rather than dots. It is a format based on HPGL [Hewlett-Packards Graphics Language], a standard language that has instructions written for the printers to follow. 

Many programs support PLT extension, but if you still cannot open the files, then the below mentioned steps can help you to address it fast and efficiently, without any help from professionals. PDF or Portable Document Format is designed by Adobe, and uses language features PostScript. Adobe Reader is used to viewing the documents, but when there is a combination of raster or vector images with text, the need for PLT to PDF converter arises. 

PDF allows sharing information electronically among team partners. For example, AutoCAD is architectural software that is used extensively in construction, interior designing, and many other industrial sectors. In many cases, professionals will have to share the created designs with their clients, but they will not be able to access those PLT files. 

AutoCAD is a complicated tool and is costly too, which is why it is not a suitable tool for general users. AutoCAD creates PLT files, which are used to display the design visually. The nature of PLT files is graphic, so PDF conversion is a great turnaround instead of distribution of original PLT plans. 

ReaConverter is great software designed to handle PLT to PDF conversion. Its features include –

  • Simple to use.
  • Conversion is fast.
  • Handles extensive batch conversion efficiently.
  • Saves time.
  • It is versatile.
  • It is empowered with image editing capabilities.
  • It is available in three packages – Lite edition is for FREE, The one-time fee for Standard edition is 999 and Pro edition is 1999. 
  • Convert .plt to .pdf using Command-line interface in automated or manual mode. 

How does the PDF converter software work?

  • Download the converter and install it on your desktop.
  • Start the setup and load the specific PLT files you desire to convert into PDF.
  • You can enjoy a batch conversion with this software, which eliminates the need of doing repetitive actions.
  • Choose the PLT files or drag & drop them directly into the software window.
  • In the ‘saving options’ tab, choose the output folder, where you wish to save the new PDF file. 
  • Apply extra image editing, if you need.
  • Choose PDF as the output format among several other format buttons placed at the bottom of the web page. 
  • Press the Start button.
  • In a few seconds, your conversion will be completed. 
  • Download the converted PDF file!

Architectural and design firms need to copy-protect or watermark their PDF version plans intended for extensive distribution. Also, these firms will have a vast amount of PLT files to be converted into PDF. Therefore the features like batch processing are essential. 

The versatility of batch conversion and Command-line access make the software exceptional for PDF conversion to professionals using AutoCAD documents. Start with the Lite edition to understand its working and then upgrade to the standard or the pro edition, which offer a lot of advantageous features.