How Renderforest Helps to Edit Videos Online Directly in Your Browser

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Started searching online for affordable and easy to use video editor? Try using Renderforest that creates wonderful videos through the browser directly. Around 100s of video templates, animations, social scenes, logo animations are available to make different types of creative videos and images. The videos created by the Renderforest can be uploaded on Facebook, YouTube to attract more audience. This process takes some minutes but gives quality videos without installing additional tools and software.

Renderforest online video editing software saves time and money of the business experts and individuals who spent more money and time on video making and editing. However, Broadcast Video Editing Toolkit and Social Media Toolkit are the two most used and implemented templates and are known to be the popular one now.

The best features of Renderforest online video editor are:

  1. Making of favorite and high-quality videos with special efforts and charming effects is made simple and unique with Renderforest.
  2. Renderforest Online Video Editor can make videos with the different range of templates that suits any type of business.
  3. Many videos and images can be compressed as a single video using many special editors and drag and drop options.
  4. Renderforest accepts multiple audio and video formats.
  5. The videos created in one format can be converted into various formats like JPG, MPEG, AVI, 3GP, MP3 and so on.
  6. Modifying the available template or animation into personal choices is made simple using Renderforest.
  7. According to the user demand, the finished video can be edited by themselves easily.
  8. There are many colors, shapes, effects present in their gallery to make quality and impressive videos.
  9. All their simplified and easy-to-use options enable any beginner to work conveniently.
  10. For any business and personal choice, the user can design unlimited draft videos that turn out as a new creation.
  11. Converting pictures and logos into videos using online video editor is so simple.
  12. This software can be used on any device comfortably, because it fits screens of any size.
  13. It is safe and secure to change or edit texts, color, images, logos, lyrics, music, style, effects on the Renderforest dashboard.
  14. Full HD professional videos can be produced to the user with a watermark on the video. The created videos can be shared and uploaded to the social media networks with a single click.
  15. In the big ocean of technology, Renderforest can be used by anyone and from anywhere with no restrictions and burdens.
  16. There are around 400 video templates with a dashboard that can be accessed many times.
  17. In Renderforest, more than 115.000 HD royalty free stock footages are available that can be utilized in the video editing.
  18. A variety of music library is available for both commercial and business purposes.
  19. It has a great storage for organizing and maintaining all the works done.
  20. Instant stories are available to improvise the video creation faster and creative.

Steps involved in creating a video using online video editor are:

Usually, Renderforest is meant for its simplicity. It directs and navigates to easy and flexible templates that can be adjusted with the ready-made scenes, photo holders, information-based lower thirds, logo animations, and more. Everything can be edited and previewed according to the user’s choice.

The process involved here is:

  1. Select the preferred introduction template from the category shown, then click on create
  2. Drag and drop the logo file in the holder provided for the logo. A background of minimum height or width of 1000 pixels is recommended. Now select the animation tagline and start editing the text.
  3. In this step, styling and coloring are adjusted. Choose the color, style that is supported for the theme selected.
  4. Select the Music from the available library, if not default music is used.
  5. Once the selection and adjustments are done, click on the preview button to check the overview of the video. If all the editing is done, export the video.

Video exporting takes a few minutes. Once the process is finished, it is saved automatically to the dashboard. In the “my videos” folder, the video is displayed. If needed the user can re-edit from there also.

That’s all!!

Now, start browsing the 400 catalog templates given by Renderforest and choose one to create the best-handcrafted video with respect to the category and choice.

Applications of Renderforest online video editor:

  1. Business Projects

Using Renderforest, many businesses and startups save lots of money in video production. Many promotional and professional videos can be created with extraordinary explainer animations, advertisements, event promotions, infographics, and corporate presentation which are included in it.

  1. Educational Projects

Many student and advisers can feel happy to create and design education-based informative videos and engaging presentation using Renderforest. Many interesting and thought-provoking videos can be created with the available category wise templates and designs. It helps them to deliver presentations successfully and bring out positive interaction among their staff and students.

  1. Music Projects

Visualizer in Renderforest Online editor can impress any music enthusiast. Any bulk music visualizations and audios with equalizers and special efforts can create imaginary visuals that can attract the fans and audience online through Youtube or Facebook.

  1. Personal Projects

Memories are what everyone expects these days. So make the wonderful moment more cherishable with the Renderforest online video editor. Many cool and beautiful slideshows and wedding invitations can be created with the mixed tastes and emotions that are clubbed together with different lovable animations and stories available in the gallery of Renderforest at affordable prices.

Consequences of Online video editor:

For a regular video editor with various features that run on a Windows computer, the user couldn’t just ask for an application that is better than Renderforest. From simple image editing to the HD professional video making, there are very few exporting and editing features that might have been included in it. But in some cases, there are a few consequences that occur during editing.

If any sample video is selected and kept for editing, the options displayed were very little, eventually, the edited sample has to be downloaded again. This drawback generally wastes time. But in the advanced version of Renderforest, these were not seen.

There were very few collaboration tools available in the software. UI customization is not expected here. This may be updated soon.


Renderforest online editor can no matter become popular in the next few days because of its wonderful features that are made to attract more people online. However, with the free subscription itself, it provides 360p unlimited videos with a time limit of 3 minutes and 500MB storage where every video will be produced with a watermark.

So, it is suggested to test and start using the application for all the uses that are reasonable to maintain some standards and quality. Any business and Enterprise can look after Renderforest to make all their works effective and quick.