How SEO can make your blog more visible


Your blog is your opportunity to engage with your customers with content that interests, excites and inspires.

Think about your business objectives – what is it that you want to try and achieve? Whatever your goals are, your blog can help you achieve them. Build trust and credibility using case-study content; establish yourself as industry experts with thought-leadership and opinion articles; and build brand awareness and show your customers you know them well by producing content relevant to their needs.

Once you start compiling this content, you need to make sure your blog is as visible as possible – this is where SEO comes in to play. Follow our SEO checklist to make sure your content is as easy to find as possible.

Make mobile a priority

An amazing mobile experience is now a key ranking factor for Google. This means that if you want your content to rank well when your customers and prospects are searching, you have to deliver a fantastic mobile user experience. This includes quick page-load speed, responsive design, and mobile friendliness. Look at popular content publishers like Buzzfeed – just because you may not be producing the same type of content doesn’t mean your experience should be any less slick.

Optimise your content for keywords that matter

Your blog content needs to be visible every time a potential customer searches for keywords relevant to your business. Getting this right and ranking well in search engines can be a tricky task. It involves crafting engaging copy, undertaking keyword research, understanding your audience’s intent, technical optimisation such as title and meta tags – the list goes on. Working with an experienced agency like Ad-Rank can help save you time while making sure your content is as search-engine ready as possible.

Earn backlinks to your website

When a website shares your content and links through to your domain, it sends Google a signal to say your content is shareworthy, trustworthy and useful – all-important signals when it comes to helping you rank well and improving your blog visibility. This is especially true if the site linking to your content is a trustworthy, high-profile website itself.

You can contact websites you think might be interested in sharing your content. Or you can focus on creating fantastic, unique content that people in your industry can’t wait to share. Both are valid tactics, but we’d always recommend focusing on making your content as interesting and relevant as possible.

Think of big name blogs like Techcrunch and Goop – both very different, but both creating outstanding content that positions them as go-to brands and content publishers in their respective industries. You should create excitement and meaningful connections through your blog content, which will naturally earn you valuable backlinks.

This checklist is by no means exhaustive, but is a great starting point to kick-start your search engine optimisation in order to increasing your blog’s visibility. If you want to win business, raise brand awareness and rise above your competitors, gaining search-engine visibility for your blog is of paramount importance. Get started with your SEO efforts now and see your visibility soar.