How to Choose the Best Recruitment Software

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Recruitment is one of the essential elements of any organization. But, if you are looking for the best recruitment software that can handle the task for your organization, it would indeed be a difficult task. The sheer number of software options available makes it really tough to find the best software. Each one of them claims their services to be worth the attempt. That is exactly what prompted us to come up with tips on how to choose the best recruitment software.

How To Choose the Best Recruitment Software?

There are a few features that you would need to have a keen eye for. Choosing the right software hinges on these factors. The basic needs you may need to check out would include the type of candidates you would want to hire, the process of hiring and the need, if any, for the post-hiring training and other requirements.

#1 Gather Your Internal requirements

Buying new recruitment software involves conducting a brainstorming session involving all your recruiters. Have a meeting with all the users or recruiters and conduct a discussion on the current system being used for the hiring process.

You can check out the shortcomings and the strengths that the system you are currently using. This will help you pinpoint what exactly you are looking for in the new system. Of course, while doing so, you may end up with a really long list of needs – most of which may be superficial. Pay heed to the core elements and include them in your requirements.

#2 Your Budget plays a Major Role

The budget that you are willing to spend on your hiring will be dependent upon the priority that you place on your hiring process. Check out the current expenditure you have been incurring on the hiring requirements in your organization. Some of the costs you may be incurring would include job ads, agencies, internal recruiting, salaries paid to the recruiters and time taken for the interviews.

The recruitment software you choose should be such that it can reduce the above costs to a considerable extent. Never opt for free software ever. Of course, it may appear to be a good alternative but may not serve the purpose in the long run. Instead of opting for free tools, go for professional services like Greenhouse Recruiting Software. If you are undecided, opt for a trial version for a better understanding of the usability of the software.

#3 Shortlist Your Choices

Once you have configured your exact requirements and set out a budget for the new recruitment software for your organization, look for the tools that meet those requirements. Exclude all those options that do not come close to your requirements.

If you are a large organization with recruitment requirements spread across multiple departments, you may need to convene a meeting to choose the shortlisted software options. That will go a long way in choosing the software that would meet the varied requirements of individual departments in your company.

#4 Check Out the trial versions

The number of platforms chosen in the above processes may be quite a few in number and you are definitely not going to use all of them. Evaluate each of these shortlisted platforms. Involve all the stakeholders and users in this evaluation process.

A few features that would make recruitment software great would include an efficient sourcing, management and collaboration of candidates and proper reporting channels. Your chosen recruitment software should be able to create a solid employer brand for your organization. A proper and strong presence on social media would be an added advantage. Choose a firm that has a good reputation for brand creation.

#5 Make A Final Choice

The evaluation process should give you enough ideas on which of the shortlisted recruitment software meets your needs exactly the way you would want it to. Brainstorm with your team and users on the usability of each of the tools. Make sure you discuss the implementation stages and the issues that you may come across with respect to each of these tools in terms of implementation.

Do not hurry to make a decision. Measure and weigh all the pros and cons before arriving at the final decision. Check out all the aspects of each of the tools and how will it affect your recruitment process.

Parting Thoughts

That should constitute the complete pathway you would need to follow if you really want to adopt a capable recruitment software for your needs. In fact, choosing the right recruitment software is a huge investment in itself and you should exercise caution about how you go about it. It can indeed affect the prospects of your company to a greater extent because, ultimately, it is your employees who will make or break a company and the recruitments software you choose will have a huge say in it.