How To Create A Company Page On LinkedIn


There are many companies are lacking their potentiality by not having a company page on LinkedIn. There are a lot of benefits when compare with the personal LinkedIn profile. The LinkedIn company pages help the users to know about the business, job, and brand. The company LinkedIn pages also help the users to  send their data search and evaluation.

Advantages of having a LinkedIn company page

There are many advantages to have a company page on LinkedIn. They are as follows.

  • It can present the company, not just about one or two employees
  • The employees of the company will act as an indirect business ambassador.
  • It will reflect the tangible estimate of the company updates
  • It will monitor when someone mentions about the brand or company.
  • It will promote the latest and important news about the company
  • It can showcase the company professional services

How to create a LinkedIn company page

It will help the people to know about the company that what are the services it will provide. By creating a company LinkedIn page people can also learn the advantages of the company products or services. Before the user can create the company page, they must have a LinkedIn profile. They must also ensure that their company doesn’t previously have a page on LinkedIn.

Steps to create a LinkedIn profile

1.The company profile creator must have a LinkedIn profile

This is the major step before creating a company LinkedIn page, The profile creator should have the LinkedIn profile with their true first and last name. It will help to create a page If the user doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile they can’t create a company LinkedIn page.

2. The LinkedIn profile Should be at least 7 days old

The profile should be fresh and not more than seven days. The user should maintain up to date. If it is the previous one, not suitable to create the company page. Because the people are searching for the fresh ones.

3. The LinkedIn profile intensity in “all stars”

The profile length must be intermediate or all-stars. If the profile has the sufficient and reliable information it will automatically get all stars. The user should add the appropriate details to the profile, which is related to the experience, services, products etc., It will give all the information.

4. The user profile must have many connections

This is another important thing that the user must have several connections to the profile. Then only the profile weight will get the increase in the market. The connections are related to the profession and HNIs is preferable. Because the business wants to expand in the future.

5. The user should be a present employee of the company

The company LinkedIn page creator must be an employee with that particular company. The user designation should be listed in the experience section of the LinkedIn profile. If the user is not related to the company they can’t create a LinkedIn company page.

6. Add company email to confirm the LinkedIn account

The user has the company email, they have to add it and confirm the LinkedIn account. It tells that, the profile creator is related to the company only. They only have the company email. So, this is the main important thing before creating the company LinkedIn page.

7. The company email is unique in the company itself

The company’s email should be unique, means no other company has the same kind of emails. It is easy to access the LinkedIn profile.  The domain can’t be used more than one time to create a company LinkedIn page. like, or other generic emails are not different to one company, hence cannot be utilized to generate a company LinkedIn page.


Company LinkedIn page is helpful for the employees to find a path for the career as well as know about the company information about services or products etc., People who are hunting for the jobs they just go to the company LinkedIn page and verify about the requirements. The company also should provide the updated information, regarding its updates related to work or something.