How to Create Cool Yet Effective Minimalist Website Design

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Simpler website design can reduce confusion and improve navigation. Minimalism can also help with conversion, allowing you to achieve your goals. Though, unfortunately many web designers forget how minimalism can benefit them. For anyone interested in website design, here are some tips.

Stick to the 80-20 rule

The Pareto principle states that 80 per cent of your results come from 20 per cent of your efforts. This same concept applies to website design! The goal here is to find which 20 per cent of your website is generating results. Work with your web developer to get rid of all the other unnecessary elements. Decluttering your website can have a huge impact on its performance and overall appeal. Long strings of text, useless fields, and worthless elements can go.

Opt for effortless navigation

You want to be unique, but you don’t want visitors to feel intimidated with how your navigation works. If viewers can’t figure out how your website works, then they won’t love going back to your page. In the opinion of Brisbane website design company Magicdust, you can ensure that users have a great experience when interacting with your website design by making sure it’s simple and that you test all new features. In addition, you must also keep tabs on all the feedback that you receive so that you can ensure that you website gets updated correctly.

So, make the navigation buttons visible (especially the Home button) and strip the navigation links to the bare essentials. Hamburger icons are useful, but don’t hide your Home button there.

Make your copy compelling to grab attention

People might not read everything on your website, but they will skim. If they find too many errors, you will lose your credibility, and you never want to make that happen.

When creating your copy, always proofread. Aside from people, search engines will also rank you based on the quality of your content. So, choose a readable typeface. Look for one that is easy on the eye. Also, avoid blocks of text. While at it, use subheadings, numbered lists and bullets to make it easier to skim through.

Go for a monotone palette

Monotone always exudes a classic look, and if the theme fits your website, make it happen. Most corporate websites use monotones, but this works for pretty much any business.

Here’s a list of the world’s best corporate website design. You can see how clean aesthetics work for these companies.

With a monotone website, you can emphasise your content since there isn’t a lot going on in the background. Using a one-color scheme also simplifies everything.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

Website design rules may be there to guide you, but the decision is always up to you. Don’t be afraid to mix things up as long as you don’t clutter your website.

Sometimes, the solution will be the most unexpected one and, who knows, you might be the one to create a new trend.