How to Drive Traffic to Your Landing Pages


Business has something to launch, it may be a product or some services or a course. For which they create a landing page. On the landing page, there is a unique value proposition, great headline, and a lead magnet or incentive to exchange with the audience.
But there is a problem too. People don’t know that the landing page exists until the business take steps. Landing pages are useless if it doesn’t attract any traffic. Attracting traffic for the landing page can be a challenging task, but never an impossible task.
Having said that, In Digital Marketing, a landing page is an independent web page, created particularly for advertising or marketing campaign. This is the page where the visitor looks after they have clicked similar ads.
Overall, every enterprise concern is how to generate traffic for the landing page. However, below are different strategies of directing traffic to the website or a landing page.

Leverage the social media

Influencers are those who influence a particular industry which comes in many different social media forms. Be it social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc, blogs YouTube sensations.

Even a positive word-of-mouth for the business with or without cost can work out. Social media these days are offering a dynamic platform for the content, despite the niche.  
But the question here is how do the business leverage these to drive traffic to the landing page. This can be done by incentivizing the social media sites.

Blog posting

Creating a content which converts is one of the most business’s most precious assets. Great content can stay to drive traffic for the website for a longer duration, after publishing it.

Blog articles are amidst the most prevalent types of content. They boost the credibility, provide evidence for the knowledge, and help in bringing the traffic through search engines. However, quality and persistence matter a lot than quantity. Always write with the purpose of increasing value and never for promotion or SEO. However, having a content marketing plan helps in driving the traffic.

Make the landing page exclusive

While reading, people should love and feel like they have something unique and access to the product. Practicing social media types, a business can target the followers by telling about the special offers they have on the landing page. It may seem counterintuitive by requesting them to follow through various steps. But users typically associate with more steps to get more selective results.

Video Marketing

Many people believe that videos aren’t useful for traffic. However, they’re wrong. Business people make their best efforts to promote their products or services by video description with specific text.  

Always include a call-to-action with a backlink to the site. For driving more traffic to your YouTube listings, add a keyword rich title, tags, description, and backlinks to the landing page or website.

Publish in LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be an excellent publishing platform to drive traffic. Business can copy-paste the content or create original content for LinkedIn. Business can even publish a teaser for the blog posts on the Linkedin. Always include the link, with the anchor text “Click for more details”. It’s a great idea to persuade people to click through and continue looking the post on the site.

Here are few tips to design LinkedIn posts which will be seen by maximum people:
Work essentially on the keywords
Include videos and images to break the text
Create the value within that post
Add call-to-Action in the content


Overall, driving traffic isn’t a vanity technique. It tells whether or not the intended audience is visiting the site. There are many ways to drive traffic to the site. Optimizing the old content by creating a new one. Creating a landing page and publishing that on LinkedIn. There are plenty of possibilities to get the website more views.
We even have other methods like building internal links, partnering with other professionals and establishing and welcoming community on to the website.
Consider paying attention to the analytics and implementing schema microdata to make the site more visible.
Taking all these measures and more may improve the traffic to the site and increases the conversion rates.