How to earn money through Google Adsense


When someone is thinking of earning revenue through online, one common answer which strikes is “Google Adsense“. Working online and earning has enhanced the lifestyle recently. Of course, millions are aspiring for that. Through ages, Google Adsense has shown businessmen a way to earn revenue and make a living using websites. It has been one of the favorite ways to earn money online.

Google Adsense is an advertising program which allows its publishers to display ads on their blogs or websites or YouTube videos. When visitors click the ads, the revenue will be generated. Generally, these advertisements are sorted, maintained, and administered by Google. These ads are created from the companies that employ Google Adwords Program. The revenue gets generated either through per-impression or per-click basis.
Having said that, AdSense has proved to be a stepping stone for people who desire to earn money online. Here are a few ways to do it.

Create a suitable website

Few among other sites work better when it comes to generating money through Google AdSense.The things needed while earning money through AdSense is to get a lot of traffic by writing high content. Writing content which attracts new people and retaining the old visitors is ideal. By doing this, there is always a new traffic and chance of becoming loyal visitors.

Websites which attracts and retains new visitors include news articles, blogs, forums, and discussions, Free online tools, Niche social networking sites. While these are the most natural way, There is always great content which works well and get clicks through AdSense.

Work out with different types of ad units

Different business sectors use various types of ad styles when designing their ads through google-AdWords. When deciding the type of ads to display and to place them, make sure of users experience. There should always be more content than ads on the page.
Apply Google Analytics to test style of ads on the site, the number and the placement and look for the best options. There are different options which can be shown on the sites.  It can be a text, which is called as sponsored links, Display ads which will be appearing in a graphic format. Through Rich media, the ads will appear in Flash, HTML and Video format.  
Note: Sites can generate revenue from this ad type if only visitors click on that particular ad after clicking on various topics.
Besides Many different ads to select, Google affirmed the following best performing units:
300×250 medium rectangle
336×280 large rectangle
320×100 large mobile banner
300×600 half page
728×90 leaderboard

Start earning with Google AdSense on YouTube

Google AdSense is not only for those who develop text-based content or free online tools. If there is a suitable video then one can upload videos on YouTube and own the channel. Once, there is a channel, one can turn on Monetization feature with this. This will help to go through the process connecting YouTbe channel to the AdSense account which will monetize the videos.

Once done, choose the videos to monetize and select the type of ads shown on for the video viewers from video manager. This is another most popular technique to get an approved Adsense account. Instead of writing, many users love to record and create videos.

Check the color strategy

Color also plays a significant role in the ad unit. The choice of color determines how the ad performs over time. Ad placements can be approached in different ways like contrast, blend, and complement. Of course there no proven records as to which of the three approaches suits the best. Therefore, test among the three and select which best suits for the site. if required, edit the ads. Keep playing around the ads to see which approach suits earns the most revenue.

AdSense payments

Make sure to exceed or reach $100, until which then the Google will not issue AdSense payment. After reaching the desired amount, Google pays monthly via check or direct deposit. If the site doesn’t earn $100 in a month, the earnings will roll over and will be added in the next month. Every time the site reaches $100 outset, Google will release its payment for the next payment cycle.

But, to get approval, Google takes up to one week. If by any chance it gets rejected, find out the missing criteria on the blog. By AdSense account, companies can gauge their current earnings, and ads clicks. Overall, for making a significant revenue with AdSense needs a plan.


As you can see, companies can earn a pretty good amount with Google AdSense. But it takes time to get rich. It requires traffic and an audience who is relying on the blog or website. The audience should get impressed for the topic which is on the site. Having said that, after getting the attention, AdSense begins the monetization option. Creating an ad code to the website is convenient which generates more revenue.