How to Impress Your Boss


There are many good reasons to want to impress your boss. For one thing, it may lead to career advancement. It also generally feels good to be respected and appreciated by the person in charge. Unfortunately, the corporate space is very competitive and it can be hard to get noticed, let alone impress your boss. 

Still, there are a few key things you can do to increase your chances of impressing your superior.

Be Proactive 

No one is impressed by sheep. If you’re constantly waiting to be told what to do, you’re not going to get noticed. Instead, take the initiative and come up with creative solutions to problems that arise. 

For instance, say you’ve noticed that your team is constantly missing deadlines. Rather than just complaining to your boss, come up with a proposal for how to fix the issue. Maybe you suggest instituting daily stand-up meetings so everyone can report on their progress. Or maybe you put together a document outlining best practices for time management

Whatever it is, your boss will definitely sit up and take notice of an employee who is proactive and takes initiative.

Be Easy to Work With

While it’s important to stand out, you won’t get far if you’re constantly stepping on other people’s toes. 

Instead, try to help everyone – not just your boss- as much as you can. For example, say you notice that someone on your team always gets left out of important conversations. Be the one who makes it a point to include them next time, instead of the one who also talks over them.

This is a trait that your boss will take notice of because not being able to work with others is a trait that can cost any business negatively, from decreased productivity to high turnover rates

Learn New Things

The world is constantly changing and businesses have to change with it if they want to stay afloat. That’s why bosses are always on the lookout for employees who are up-to-date on new industry trends, practices, and techniques. 

Sign up for relevant courses or webinars about the latest in management reporting tools and the top Tiktok challenges to participate in on the business account. And read industry-related articles and share them with your boss. 

The key is to demonstrate to your boss that you understand the importance of staying current and that you’re not stuck in your ways.

Dress to Impress

It might seem superficial, but the way you dress definitely affects the way people perceive you – including your boss. 

Of course, there’s no need to break out the three-piece suit every day, but it’s important to look presentable and professional. 

Make sure that your clothes are always clean and wrinkle-free and that you never wear anything too casual or revealing. 

Your boss will appreciate the effort you’ve made to look your best, plus it will give you a confidence boost.

So if you want to impress your boss, remember to be proactive, a team player, willing to learn new things, and to dress the part. By following these simple tips, you’ll definitely make a positive impression and put yourself on the path to career advancement.