How To Keep Your Workers Happy


In every organization, the employer thinks about the employee happy. If the employee is feeling happy the company will get the potential output. Many companies are implementing several ways and procedures to make their employees happy. Some companies are conducting a few special events, and some companies are providing a few facilities to make their employees feel comfortable at work environment. Most of the companies are following a different kind of activities in different ways.

Importance of employees happy

  • There are many advantages, the company will get it through employees only.
  • The company goodwill get increased
  • Getting the best out of the staff
  • The company can run in a success platform
  • The employee thinking power will increase
  • They will be active in the work environment

Steps to keep employees happy

The companies are following a few steps to keep their employees feel happy and comfortable. If the employee is feeling comfortable at the workplace the company automatically get the best output. This is the major thing every company wants. The companies main aim is to get the work of their employees.

1. Recognize the employee talent

The employer should able to recognize the talent of the employee. The manager only knows about the pain of the work, if the employee is doing their best, the management should appreciate them. This the way they will get the positive impact on the company as well as they will get the motivation towards the work.
The company should announce rewards for the employees if they will reach as per the task. If the employees are completed their task within the given time, they should give the rewards based on the output.

2. Build a relationship with the staff

The employer should maintain the fair relationship with the staff. They no need to know everything, they just smile at them and ask for a concern. If they apply for any leaves like sick leave or any other related occasional leaves the employer just wish them to get well soon or convey their blessings if there are having any special occasions. This is the way the staff will feel that the company is like a family. They will utilize the office time and work for the company goodwill.

3. Stop monitoring everything

This is the basic level, the top management no need to monitor each and everything. The basic concept is to assign the work and give the end time. If the employer can monitor minute to minute the employee can feel insecure and disturbed. In this way, the company may not get the best work output. If the employee can take the over breaks in someday there is no need to scold them, just enquire whether they are feeling well or not feeling well. Just show some concern for them. They will feel happy about how the employer is treating them when they are not feeling well.

4. Allow for a fun day

In a month the company should announce one day as a fun day. The employees will get relax and feel happy. They will interact with everyone. They can build the fair relation and make understanding each other. Most of the companies are conducting the fun events it will use to make some physical and mental relaxation. The staff showing interest to participate and attend the office on that day, they also eagerly wait for the fun day. Majority of the MNCs are conducting this day on Friday.

5. Physical activities

The companies are conducting a few physical activities in the office like Yoga, meditation, some indoor games etc., These all are for the employee stress relax from the work. if they spend some time after work or before work their brain will get the relax and feel comfortable to work. This is also helping them for their health purpose.


There are many ways to make the employees feel happy. Most of the companies are following it and employees are also not staying if they are not feeling comfortable in the work environment. If the staff is in a fresh mind the company will get the best work output. So, the majority of companies are implementing many programs to make their employees comfortable. It is necessary to implement in the organizations because there are many talented people are available, they need a comfortable work environment.