How To Make The Most Of Your LMS


One of the industries most affected by the rise of digital technology has been education, an already fast-moving sector that was turbo-charged by the events of 2020. The shift to online training has been in the vanguard of that change, one that has made courses more flexible and accessible, enabling students to engage in learning wherever they reside. It has helped create better outcomes by improving flexibility and expanding student interaction.

Truly effective online learning relies on sturdy learning management systems Australia (LMS).  They are the backbone of the sector, platforms that play an integral role in classrooms and training zones by administering, documenting and providing reporting functionality for online modules and courses. Not all LMS are the same and it’s important to choose the right fit for your organisation, but once you have, it’s equally important to make the most of your learning management system.

Most software platforms are feature-rich yet we tend not to use a lot of what they can offer. Consider your phone, it’s packed full of apps but how many of them do you use? To get the most from your LMS, you need to unlock its full potential. Here are some areas to consider.

Training starts with training

You may be intimately acquainted with your learning management system and know the productivity hacks that make it a pleasure to work with. But do your students? If they’re not proficient with the LMS the won’t develop a meaningful engagement with your material, and their performance will fall behind. Make sure they not only understand how to use the system, but that they understand all the benefits it has to offer. Greater confidence will improve involvement which will show in improved course results. A robust training and support structure is vital.

What are your users using?

The delivery of course materials needs to fit student expectations. We’re in a digital space now because this is has shown itself to be a very effective way to engage and educate. Yet it’s important to tailor the final delivery in a way that meets their needs. Today people use their smartphones for everything, including learning, and mobile usage is still increasing. Video is a powerful tool and you can use your LMS to add, embed and archive video content specifically for mobile users.

It’s all about the data

Learning management systems track and compile significant amounts of data that allows you to compile reports about how students engage with their courses and the LMS in general. This insight lets you track their participation and progress, then make realtime adjustments to enhance their learning experience. Setting measurable goals promotes small wins that accumulate and in turn promote positive experiences that further deepen course engagement. 

These are only a few of the many ways to make the most of your learning management system. Take the time to unlock its full potential because when you do, everyone benefits.