How To Monetize A Blog: The Main Ways We Make Money Online


To monitor any website is like a journey. Another interesting thing is that monetarizing the blog implies to focus on helping individuals. For example, an individual started a blog on photography. Users visit the blog and they want to become a proficient photographer. It implies someone showed their interest in this blog, so the blogger should provide them useful motivation, inspiration, lessons and etc.,

The same thing applies to when the individual monetizes a website. Even the blog reader want more best ways to enhance their photography skills, whether that with even higher training, either way, there is an opportunity to make money. If the photographer reader wants the best cameras or related equipment, the blogger can promote other company related products and the blogger receive a commission. If the reader wants more training and advanced skills, the blogger can promote other bloggers products, or the blogger can design and sell their own. The blog can make money by marketing their own online courses, software, an affiliate. Anyways there are more than two ways to make money through blogging. Each website needs to be managed differently. For a blogger, it takes time to work out what is the best way to make money from a site. If one thing is not to work out, don’t loose hopes need to try for another option. The main thing why many bloggers are failing with blogging is not that their website or idea is not good but it is because if something is not workout they will give up soon.

The main ways to make money online

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best things for making money online because it is powerful. Designing an email list can make the blogger a lot of income, help to build a solid brand and it helps readers visit the site again. The email marketing can make money in some different ways, like direct email promotions, to produce the reports that are monetizing simply, to drive the organic traffic back to their website where they make income from different methods. In previous days it is hard to get the users to subscribe to the site, but a few years ago in a span of time, the bloggers are getting 20+ subscribers per day about 100. Most of the websites hated the idea of executing popups because of the invalidating connection individuals have with them. These popups are modified, the popping will come in another window. the pop up as a part of the page that is on. It won’t promote something spam but it is useful for the reader. It is the one to one-way market, if the marketer will send one email they will make it thousands. Any blogger can do it because it is simple, it is the best way to generate money online consistently.

2. Affiliate marketing

This is another great tool for monetizing the website and money online, the affiliate market plays a vital role in the online marketing. If somebody has a product to sell. they agree to give the blogger a commission form every sale if the purchase is made from the site. The product holders provide a unique link which tracks their affiliate code. That way they know when a buyer used their link to make a buying. The blogger includes their affiliate link on their website. They can do this directly in the content or banner ads. If the blog reader clicks on the unique link and buying the product the blogger has recommended, they gain a commission of what the user purchased.

3. Sell Digital Products

If the blogger doesn’t have any interest in the other products, they can sell digital products. The digital products are like Online courses, eBooks, videos, images, or their own content, apps, themes or plugins. If the blogger going to select one of these avenues, that they make it useful to their users. Many bloggers make mistakes of assessing they are producing the product their users need. So, the blogger should know more about their users. Later they generate a digital product that will reach their needs.

4. Sell Associations

Sell the membership to the exclusive
Another option to make money is to sell memberships to exclusive branches of the blogger site. the career blog might charge $10 per month instance, the user can get a path to their job board. As a startup blog can sell memberships to their discussions where individuals get the personalized guidance regarding their business. The major thing is that the blogger particular membership has to be added value than something their users can find for free someplace else, be confident that they are producing something worth and value the price.

5. Provide the add space

The blogger should provide some space for the adds. There are many users are browsing for their interesting thing, using this additional space the blogger can promote the other products on their website. It is one of the ways to make money online. The add may be related to their products, services, website etc., if the user clicks it or viewed it the blogger can get the income.


There are many ways to make money through the blog, these are the most important and many bloggers are following these ways to earn money. It is useful for both the purposes of monetizing the website as well as gaining the income. So, most of the online bloggers are making money through some tips using affiliate marketing, selling their own products etc.,