How To Restore Deleted Older Messages On iPhone


Most of the mobile users want to recycle bin in their mobiles when they deleted some important texts, photos, contacts etc., This is the good news for the iPhone users if they delete messages they can recover it by using three ways like iTunes, iCloud and a third-party app. They will guide the users step by step through every process in an attempt to recover their iPhone messages. These steps are useful for the iPhone users to restore their data back within the time.

1. Restore deleted messages on iPhone through iTunes

This is one of the best restore ways to recover the deleted older messages on the iPhone. The user should try to recovering deleted messages through an iTunes backup. Unless the user should disable the automatic synchronization option in iTunes, they have generated a backup each time they synched with their PC or Mac. The user should connect their iPhone to the PC with which they sync it. If it does not open the user should open it manually. After that, the user will see their iPhone appear. The user should select it. The user should choose the “restore backup option.
The iPhone users should get the older data backed up and they will now replace it on their phone. It will take a few minutes time. As long as the user hasn’t backed up following to deleting those texts, they should now appear on their iPhone.

2. Restore deleted messages on iPhone through iCloud

If the user has frequently backed up their iPhone to iCloud or iTunes they should be ready to restore their iPhone texts of the backup.
There is a drawback with iCloud, it doesn’t back up texts in all areas, and for all the mobile users. One of the usee iPhones on 02 comes within this category. So the tracking may not run. They will need only to go to level 2 to get out. The user should log in to this link with their iPhone ID and password. Later click on Text messages. If the user finds out searched texts to find the ones they want. Now the user should go to their iPhone and select the settings, iCloud option on their mobile. After getting into that the user should turn off messages. They will see one pop-up, “keep on my iPhone” select it. Now the user should turn back on the texts. The users should tap on “Merge”, and stay. Later in a few minutes, the deleted texts should come back on their iPhone. The users can also try recovering their iPhone to an iCloud backup, they should have one from before the messages were deleted. The user should check in Settings> General> storage and iCloud useage> message storage.
If the iPhone user does then they can factory reset their iPhone before recovering it through iCloud backup, if they have one. Note this is the last victorious iCloud backup date/time/ is possible under the Back Up Now key.

3. Restore the deleted messages through Third-Party App

If the above two options are not worked, they can use nuclear. It is not nuclear but it is expensive, and the app can’t give any guarantee it will work or not. They have never used any kind of these, but there are a few third-party apps arrive to become a best online reputation. Enigma Recovery, Dr.Fone for iOS, PhoneRescue by iMobile, WonderShare, iMyFone D-Back Data restore and iPhone data recovery.


These are the major important features to restore deleted messages on iPhone. The users can get their data simply by using these methods. This is the best way to restore the deleted text from the mobile. The users should utilize these steps to recover their data.