How to run a successful SMS Marketing Campaign


SMS marketing campaign is all about sending and receiving transactional messages or promotional campaigns as a marketing scheme using text communication. These are mostly meant to give information about the offers, alerts and updates to the targeted users who permitted to receive the brands’ information.
As humans have become more attached to phones, text communication became the heart of promoting the business. This, in turn, has become one of the communicating media with customers when done promptly.

Of course, SMS which comes as a notification has proved to have high open-rate, but before sending the SMS, many countries require opt-ins. Even in some countries laws are made about the time of sending these promotional messages. For instance, France, will not accept sending these text messages on holidays, or Sundays, anytime after 10 PM, which hampers their personal life. 

Rules for a successful SMS marketing campaigns

There are numerous causes for the business to adopt SMS marketing as their overall communication approaches. Here are a few tips on how to send bulk SMS campaign.

  • It has to be a budget-friendly message.
  • SMS should be sent on a timely basis and it should hit the mark. Most of the information is read over the initial four minutes.
  • More customers or users act upon the messages. 19% of them click the link for the SMS campaign when compared to 4.2% who clicks for emails.
  • This marketing aims to provide better results. 30% of SMS receive better responses when compared to emails.
    Besides, there are even rules which encourage businesses to adopt for successful email campaigns.

Be specific and relevant

SMS marketing should improve the messaging quality and should suit the customer needs. They should also provide the solution of the audience. UNless the next steps which should be taken immediately, there is no need of sending the SMS. Always the business SMSs should be relevant to the user needs and more likely to generate success. Always send the information by creating a customer segmentation. By generating the buyer’s personas and meeting them with the proper message is the key to effective SMS marketing.


Once the message is sent out, it will engage and disrupt the customer’s time. Do not take the time for reading the SMS as granted. Energize the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) by offering the customers a little extra of something like free offers & discount offers, exclusive privileges, any unique specials.  

By offering these, make sure that the users are opt-in to the services or products and make sure to engage the customers with campaigns. Make sure to create a personalized message to create a sense of respect and familiarity and two way SMS is always a relevant way to gain and engage insight into the market.

Usage of language

Always maintain a professional relationship with the customers. one of the quickest way to use this is to use the text message language for the business campaigns. Although it may look challenging, using of extra words is much a better alternative to sending the abbreviated form. Moreover, it should be consistent and professional so that the customers should thank the brands and treat the business with respect.


SMS marketing campaigns should always be combined with traditional marketing and media advertising like print, radio, TV and social media. There should be a well call-to-action which is a useful measure for the campaign. Make sure of the customer engagement which is the success for the campaigns and subscribes for growth. Regularly asses the campaigns which suit all the customer needs. Timely-based and personalized messaging gives the potential to help in generating the leads and boosting the revenue.


Before launching the product and sending the SMS, always consider the goals of the company. Communicate the objectives clearly to the staff and implement all the aspects of the company’s marketing approach.
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At present, one of the mistake that the marketers are making is to include a call-to-action which should be with every message. SMS marketing is the most relevant way for mobile marketing tool at the disposal of the business. Ensure to add a call-to-action with each message keeping given the targeted customers. Never think of text messages as separate from all the other campaigns.


Developing a strong SMS marketing campaign can be a challenging job when considered mobile marketing is still a new concept in shifting the digital landscapes. While SMS has since been for a longer time, SMS marketing never looked more attractive. Above are some tips which help in crafting a message that becomes a successful campaign. In the end, it should be friendly, well-developed and well-phrased, a personalized message which gives excellent value. Always maximize the possibilities of getting customers to act according to the goals and objectives.