How to Switch from Samsung to iPhone XS


With the existence of new technology and inventions, people adapted to use different types of mobile gadgets. Generally, people of any age are prone to a habit of using mobile phones. Considering the latest operating systems in the market, there are two popular operating systems- Android and iOS. Even though it is an iOS device or Android device, updating the OS is a must.

If the user is trying to switch from one type of OS device to another or trying to transfer to new iPhone, there arise a few complexities. However, data transfer to new iPhone is a bit tricky thing, it is made simple with dr.fone Move to iOS app. Transfer to new iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max or any model of Apple device can also be performed by the methods and installation of different 3rd party apps which allows the user to do it in 1 Click.

There are different models available in the market with various features. Among them, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS are the new iPhone models in 2018. For Android, there are many models provided by many companies.

Purchasing a new iPhone XS must be interesting, but there are different ways to transfer the data from the Android (for example Samsung). In that, selecting the correct option from the existing solutions is more important. The solutions may include:

  1. Using Move to iOS app
  2. Using dr.fone
  3. Using Move to iOS app

For switching from Samsung to iPhone XS, Move to iOS app is one of the easiest ways to transfer the data completely. It allows transferring data like photos, bookmarks, videos, music, contacts, messages. Move to iOS app allows data transfer to the brand new iPhone device or a device with complete factory settings.

The below are the steps involved in switching from Samsung to iPhone XS:

  1. Open Samsung Play Store and download Move to iOS app.
  2. After the download, install and Launch the app.
  3. Set up the iPhone with the details like passcode, touch ID and connect it to nearby available Wifi. Now select Apps & Data option and select Move Data from Android option.
  4. Now take Samsung mobile and Click on Continue and Agree button in the open application (Move to iOS app). A page with verification is shown.

5. In the iOS mobile, when the Move from Android option is opened, a verification code is generated that has to be entered in Android mobile to receive the data.

6. Now enter the code in Android app and click enter. Now select the desired data and tap on Next button. It takes some time in transferring the data. Click on Done option after the process is finished. All the selected data is visible in the new iPhone XS device.

Note: 1. Make sure to enter the correct verification code that is displayed in the iOS device.

Also, make sure to wait until the process is finished, do not click any button during the process.


  1. Using dr.fone

dr.fone is one such application that makes complex things simpler. Among many practices and experiments, how to transfer data from android to iPhone is the most common question that has been come up in the minds of new iPhone users.

Below are the steps and knowledge that has to be known before switching Samsung to iPhone XS. It is easy to transfer data between the same OS devices, but it is difficult to perform in two different OS. The data that can be transferred or switched to iPhone XS from Samsung is listed below:

  1. Photos
  2. Music
  3. Videos
  4. Contacts
  5. Call history
  6. Messages
  7. Calendars
  8. PDF and other documents

All these information is allowed to bring back from Samsung mobile completely and easily.

But the following list cannot be obtained

  1. Apps
  3. Notes
  4. App data

The step by step procedure to switch from Samsung to iPhone XS using dr.fone is:

  1. Download and install dr.fone Switch into the desktop.
  2. Connect Samsung and iPhone XS device to the desktop using respective USBs.
  3. Open dr fone software that displays a home page, Click on Switch option and allow it to track the devices that are connected. Select the source as Samsung device and destination as iPhone XS.( If the selection is wrongly placed, Click on Flip option)
  4. Now select the checkboxes that are to be switched from Samsung to iPhone XS.
  5. After selecting the checkboxes, click on Start Transfer option below.
  6. It takes a few minutes of time and then it is allowed to click the OK button after the process is finished.


  1. If the data have to be transferred to the existing iPhone XS, make sure to clear the data by selecting the option “Clear Data Before Copy” before starting the process.
  2. Selective transfer of data can also be made using the dr.fone. Before clicking on Start transfer option, there are different folders displayed on the top of the page. Select from them and click on Export button. Hence only the selected folder can be visible in the destination device.

Besides the above knowledge, the user should have some idea on the consequences and advantages of switching from Samsung to iPhone XS:

  1. Donation Plan

Usually, this happens in a situation where there is a chance of donating the device to the needy. Before planning such donations, the users should make sure that the complete information is switched to the new mobile. Also, the user has to cross-verify before they donate. During donation, the mobile should exactly look like a new device. The Donation Plans include Shelter Alliance, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence(NCADV), Recycle for Victory, or in cases of floods and other drastic causes.

  1. Data backup

Back up is always suggested before restoring the data of any mobile. Because there is a chance of losing data while transferring from one device to another. The user should definitely backup and save the data to any local disks during a switch from Samsung to iPhone XS.


  1. Old Phone Sale

Those who buy second-hand mobile phones usually don’t look for 100% quality of the product but the storage and information used matters. So the users should make sure to delete saved information whether it is important or personal.

To avoid disturbances and complications in the privacy of contacts, bank account details, chat details, email addresses and so on, it is suggested to be careful while switching to the new iPhone XS.


All the information that is concluded above are clear and will definitely help in retrieving the data from the Samsung to new iPhone XS. dr.fone method of switching data from Samsung to iPhone XS is simpler and flexible way to approach. Their pricing is also convenient and reasonable. dr.fone is also available with many other solutions like Android and iOS Data Recovery, Backup, iPhone Unlock, etc.