How To Use Meme Marketing For Your Startup


Nowadays in social media, the memes are important elements of the content used and shared. The memes are enhancing a trending culture, and it is an easy way to connect with the current generation. The internet memes can be in any kind like Image, hyperlink, video, an overall website or even a blog piece. What is a meme? The meme is a creative idea, conveying behavior, trending style or popular in usage that spreads from person to person within a society. Memes are become hard to avoid in day to day life.

This is a excellent recognition for marketers looking for alternatives to connect with viewers and convey their brand’s messaging quickly. Memes express a very creative progression, and the memes are important to the business marketing and its growth. It helps to create some emotion that comes with a boost in business. At the same time, these memes are helped business to bring for the individual face of the business, making business-friendly and warm to potential clients. The meme marketing as a meme marketing is a subset of viral marketing itself. The viral marketing is applying factors like word of mouth and social media networks to fulfill retailing objects. With this meme marketing, there are many uses for the startups. The following usages are.

1. Understand the audience humor
As per the trending research, the marketer who understands their consumers are more successful in reaching their marketing goals. This is very necessary to know what classification of memes are suitable for a business niche market, and business specific audience. So that company can be able to apply this marketing policy efficiently. The audience who spend a lot of time on the internet is the one who will appreciate memes. So many memes rely on sarcasm or satire, which doesn’t translate well in many religions or even age groups. The company will be able to see what the audience find humorous by following what the audience react to positively by what viewers post or comment on it.

2. Prefer related meme

The related meme is very important for promoting the business. The marketer should analyze the consumer’s perception and choose the meme according to them. The marketer is targeting a certain group of audience based on the age and culture. The meme should be clear and conveying the consumer, the selected meme should be trendy and it includes entertain, message, target, convenience, promotion strength. The meme should be a theme it designs each meme that can probably arrange with the company and other marketing campaign ideas. But, the business also wants to stay true to its brand voice and values, merging what’s popular with and what returns on consumer expectations.
3. Share in different channels

The marketer should remember, memes are all about making fun of situations to drive results. The meme is one kind of content, which can be shared across various social channels. It includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even professional social site LinkedIn. A few marketers are using memes on advertisements and using them for other kinds of print media with high success. The main reason is their awareness and the enjoyment that viewers get from memes, they’ve increased acceptance overall different channels as satisfactory marketing content.
4. Start with a known object
The startup companies were careful about using memes and they didn’t have the marketing vision to create its own. It helped to use one of the current marketing tools that offer meme structures and share existing ones while setting its own turn on the meme. The companies are started combining with its audience right away because people saw that the company has shared its sense of humor.
The companies are verified with the own memes once they understood the process and the result of using them as a marketing design. Creating own commodity approach is also helped startups to build a following because they joined directly into the known memes and then visited around and got to know companies brand character through unique memes.
5.Things to remember about memes
The memes have a short time lifespan. The start-up company audience will only watch one or a few times. The viewers may pass it on to others but those viewers will also watch it briefly before forwarding it on and ignoring it. Then, the meme dies. But, at that time it was active, the marketer has made a visual impact that can help the next time those audience members see the company brand on a different channel. They may be more tending to stop and learn more about the brand, especially if the marketer made them smile!
Conclusion: The startups’ first step is to understand the audience pulse. The marketers should get ready with the promotional activity which is related to the brand. The audience is having complete awareness of the social media. So, the marketer has to target the social media as a platform to promote their brand. The marketer should have the creative thinking to generate a meme according to the consumer’s view. The meme should be clear and it should present the brand in a convenient manner. The meme marketing is very much useful for the startup companies promotion as well as its continued growth.