Bid Proposals are very essential but writing one might seem like a herculean task. Proposal packs have been designed to assist with the writing of short bid proposals; they have different features:

  • pre-written templates,
  • sample proposals,
  • automation software,
  • diverse graphics options and

However, you need to know the essentials before trying your hands out on any proposal

To write a Bid proposal or short quote, you need to be familiarized with these:

  • Your proposals-no matter how short, say a lot about what you have to offer to your customers, so you have to get it right.
  • A short quote does not necessarily have to be shallow information scribbled on a piece of paper; you have to be professional about it.
  • If you don’t put the required best into writing the bid proposal, you might not gain the confidence of your customers.
  • You don’t have to be in a hurry to impress; it is a lot better to maintain physical contact with your customer and hand them a business card while taking down the necessary information you need.
  • Although many customers appreciate quick delivery, it is better to get the necessary information which covers things like restrictions, equipment needed, products desired, measurements, and job requirements—and produce a flawless proposal capturing all details.
  • If you are a smartphone or tablet user, you can grab the advantages it affords you by generating detailed PDF quotes from your tablet, using pre-designed templates (we encourage you to check out smart applications like Quikflw). Once you do this, it would be easy to send the proposal to your client’s email. It would also be possible for you to transfer the details and job requirements to the office, for it to be worked on and built into a quote.

As regards what the quote will contain, let’s have a brief look.

  • Starting with a cover letter which centres on reinforcing “who you are” will work out perfectly.
  • You should also proceed to provide a precise summary, revealing the details of the projects you discussed.
  • It is also essential to include your contact information so that your customer will be able to contact you, should in case the need arises.
  • After following the steps above, you should proceed to include a Quote page, a Work order, or a page revealing the Estimate, to intimate your customer about the cost of the work.
  • If you find it necessary; you might include a request for a deposit too.
  • You can include an additional Contract and Terms form if you feel it is essential.
  • Including a guarantee for your work can further boost the confidence of your client. It might just be perfect to wrap things up with this.

All the steps described above works well for short bid proposals. If you intend writing a longer bid with more variables, you will have to include the following:

  • A Statement of Work which gives full details about what you are promising to do, and the proposed time of delivery. It should be drafted on a separate page.
  • Your pricelists should also be included on additional pages, so your customer will be fully intimated about the courses of your choices and the costs.
  • If the job description of your company requires that you write Bids frequently, you might need to incorporate the help of different specialized “Bid-writing” packages, to get the job done at the speed of light.

Perfectly adhering to these tips will, in addition to any specialized package, help you produce some of the “finest bids” that will marvel your customers.