How Websites make money without Ads


Many websites monetize money with their content by Google Adsense ads. However, some other websites take different strategies. These approaches are much challenging than Adsense ads. Besides, they are more profitable in the long run. One way of doing this is building a relationship with the readers. Also, making readers as the subscribers, and delivering them a lot of information and value. Even one can promote the products. With these methods, readers can be converted into the buyers.
Some bloggers don’t believe in placing the advertisements on blogs. They want to try new and novel methods to earn money from the blog.

Few points to consider

  • Ask for a donation while providing good things like small utilities, codes for free rather going for any licence buying. Many people encourage such websites.
  • Provide services like the collection of articles. Ask to provide a signup and pay a one time fee or monthly fee and give access to the whole website or features.
  • A website is a type of social community, business managers purchase premium memberships in websites to approach a new audience.

Moreover, there are a lot of opportunities, for earning money online and ads are not the only means. For example, a company that provides thesis writing help can make content for another website and have a possibility to be named as a partner. But for this type of websites, there should be engaging and unique ideas.


Expecting money without owning a website is not possible. By having a website, there is a possibility of having a hosted domain and creative website. These days websites are even cleaner and fresh and have been changed from the ’90s. There are more themes with the modern usage of CMS like WordPress.

Nowadays, everyone is using a mobile-friendly digital marketing device that helps in creating a website. Faster websites attract more profit, so to gain the potential customers, bounce rate and page speed should be increased. Besides having a creative website there should be a clear navigational structure. Users should find the relevant information within 3 clicks. So, the site should be an SEO friendly website.

Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the major topics in the present day world. The income generated by advertising the products or services in affiliate is more. This means, that there is a commission when the readers buy the product. Don’t be surprised, websites promote those products which work, not merely for earning a commission. Affiliate marketing is always the best when it has been tied up with email marketing.

The topmost marketing professionals agree that email marketing and affiliate marketing are the most essential income sources. The advantages of using affiliate marketing are, it can earn big bucks and is easy to set up without much support. There is even the possibility of earning passive income.

Freemium Model

Use the free service to get reward points and apply the brand image to market the products later. Sell the product first for free, anyhow charge it when they are exceeding the limit of low usage. Many applications like Dropbox belongs to this category.

Always begin with the free product for the initial transactions and plan accordingly. For example, provide 30 days free offer for 37 clicks and most of the products. Then charge if needed. This is one of the biggest challenges these days.


Every site is different on its own. When it comes to discovering ways to get profits for the website without ads is the methods mentioned above. The best way to sell is to take up the affiliate program. Besides, having patience is also an important key to win success. Even there are different ways where a website makes money. It can be through selling contacts or leads, Brand collaborations, and surveys. Ultimately, earning revenue from websites other than ads depends on the efforts and hard work.