How Your Locally Owned Business Could Benefit from Local SEO


Your company might have everything you think it needs to run well on a local level, but it could be missing the benefits that come with local SEO. Local business owners sometimes think they have no reason to digitally market their company. Here are some of the main reasons your local business will thrive with local SEO software.

It’s a way to get ahead of other local competition

Let’s say you own a local taco stand. If someone searches “tacos near me” in your area, then you have the chance to pop up on the first page of Google results. This is an easy way to get more traffic. Also, you can rank higher on the page because you are looking to sell tacos to people in only your area. Hungry locals are more likely to head to Google than to drive around looking for the best tacos in town.

Local SEO is a no-brainer when it comes to more brand awareness and more traffic at your local shop. If you have a dental or doctor office, local SEO might be one of your best investments. These don’t seem like places that inherently need marketing, but great marketing can make a world of a difference when you’re looking to expand client base. For example, if you are one of three local dentist offices and someone needs braces, then you have a way higher chance of being a customer’s first choice if you are on the first page of Google.

It puts your company in the back of potential customers’ minds

Even if you aren’t getting direct customers calling after a Google search, your name is still going to be seen more in local Google searches, thanks to SEO. It’s a great way to advertise special promotions, new campaigns and new store openings. People will see that your local clothing shop is offering new designers when they look up “local clothing shop.” SEO might be among your best bets when you’re looking to gain popularity in the area around you.

Customers and clients are also more likely to trust local brands. Having a brand that is true to your area with a story is a great way to pull at the heart strings of customers. They might see that you offer locally made soap or other products and go in to take a look. Whatever business you own, local SEO can significantly increase brand recognition and make your brand into a local household name.

Link building and social sharing opportunities

Social sharing opportunities is a benefit that might not immediately cross your mind. Such sharing means if you have a blog on your site, you could promote it for locally ranking keywords. Then, other local businesses could see it and promote it as well. Local brands usually support other local brands they are aware of. This could lead to partnerships with various local publications and other stores.

Having more search results for your company also could increase your chances of link building. Other local places could start writing about your brand and linking to your page, which also boosts your SEO. You can’t go wrong by putting efforts into link building partnerships for SEO reasons and business connections.

The truth is that people feel a loyalty to where they live. In 2019, we have so many national chains that people want to see the small, unique places succeed. The increase in local loyalty makes now the time to thrive for locally sourced companies—especially when they show up in search results.